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Re: Sublease Nightmare... Please help - Landlord Forum thread 356007

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Re: Sublease Nightmare... Please help by Stephanie (CO) on February 2, 2018 @17:01

Ok... So they are considered a squatter... What rights do squatters have???

Any? (besides the right to stay their unlawfully)
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Re: Sublease Nightmare... Please help by Joe on February 2, 2018 @17:17 [ Reply ]
Pretty much. You might try to have them fill out a rental agreement for a month to month lease. Who knows they might pay the rent and work out well enough. Plus it will give the information you need to evict in the future if needed.
    Re: Sublease Nightmare... Please help by Stephanie on February 2, 2018 @19:27 [ Reply ]
    We are in the process of selling the condo so a lease of any amount of time is not an option
      Re: Sublease Nightmare... Please help by Joe on February 3, 2018 @07:59 [ Reply ]
      Houston, we got a problem....
      Your process for selling the condo, just got longer. Figure about another 2 to 3 months. Assuming the current T/squatters, don't totally trash the place.
      You might be better off before going to court. To offer to pay the remaining T money to move.
      I know this is a hard pill to swallow. But you created a situation that went bad. It's going to cost money to fix. Cheaper to pay the T to move than to evict. Your time, damage to property, lawyer fee. Just the way the system works. Not fair to Landlords at all.
Re: Sublease Nightmare... Please help by Nicole (PA) on February 2, 2018 @17:40 [ Reply ]
he didn't say they are squatters and I also don't think it's the same situation, except the end result of you going to court.

I'd treat it the same as an oral lease. if they can pay and you want them to pay, get them to sign your lease and move forward.

If you want them out, give notice to move. if they don't do so, follow your state's laws regarding oral leases ... which I would imagine time frames and notices follow your state's statutes since there is nothing in writing.

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