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my "friend" wont move out of my house - Landlord Forum thread 356041

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my "friend" wont move out of my house by Mary (Louisiana) on February 6, 2018 @09:20

My friend did pay for renovations on my home and all on her own went overboard to make things up to her standards. I own it and pay all bills and house note....I have payed her back over 14,000. The friendship has ended and it is time for her to move. She bought a home in Sept and has changed and canceled move out dates. We have nothing in writing besides a letter SHE wrote in October saying if I needed her to go to please be honest and follow my head not my heart. All the remodeling should not pay a factor in my decision. Now she is saying I owe her 40,500 for her to leave. Or half by 20,000 by 12th of Feb.
I have never agreed to pay her back for all of this NEVER!!
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more info by Mary (Louisiana) on February 6, 2018 @09:54 [ Reply ]
she has not paid one utility bill or ever paid rent.

she did an official change of address over 2 months mail is received at my house...only a daily newspaper as of now.
Re: my "friend" wont move out of my house by Anonymous on February 6, 2018 @10:07 [ Reply ]
Hi - You don't have a landlord/tenant problem. You have a friendship/money problem. Don't mix friends and money.
Re: my by Garry (Iowa) on February 6, 2018 @10:43 [ Reply ]
You both have a landlord/tenant relationship with each other. She moved in on xxxxx date, and her "rent" was in the form of doing remodeling of YOUR house. Now you want her to move. For now, forget about the amounts of money involved. Since you have no written lease, you must go by whatever your state's LL/T laws are, regarding removing a T. Please read them asap, and follow them exactly.

I'm assuming you will need to give her a standard 30 day notice to move, and then if she doesn't move, you will need to follow your eviction laws to evict her. Try to avoid each other as much as possible from this point, on. DO NOT get into ANY arguments with her, but do not be afraid to call the police if something gets out of hand. Just make sure YOU are not the aggressor--bite your tongue or walk away if you have to----and NEVER touch her for ANY reason. If you have to go to court, you do NOT want a police report going in HER favor.

Sorry, but if you want her out, you have to do it LEGALLY, thru the court system if need be, which takes time. The money end of things can be taken care of in another separate lawsuit in the future, after she is out, and you have changed locks. Good Luck

    Re: my by Garry (Iowa) on February 6, 2018 @11:58
Re: my "friend" wont move out of my house by Chuck on February 6, 2018 @15:30 [ Reply ]
You need to do get to the point of having her removed.

At some point, you may be getting sued, because she is going to claim she wants to be paid for her labor for the time frame, she made all these improvements to your home.
She might not win what she is asking you for. But she will most likely win something.

Plus depending on what type improvements this T made. She might have added illegal walls, wiring, plumbing, Who knows what else. If the work is not done to local codes with permits. It may be subject to be removed.

That is why any Landlord should refuse a T offer to do any type of repair. As a LL you are setting yourself up for injury claims and claims like this person is experiencing.
Re: my "friend" wont move out of my house by lamac66 (ga) on February 7, 2018 @11:35 [ Reply ]
If she bought a house then how is she refusing to move out. Nothing is in writing so you guys basically are not attached to each other unless there is more than what is presented here.

Give her 30 days notice. Go from there.

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