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Re: my - Landlord Forum thread 356046

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Re: my by Garry (Iowa) on February 6, 2018 @10:43

You both have a landlord/tenant relationship with each other. She moved in on xxxxx date, and her "rent" was in the form of doing remodeling of YOUR house. Now you want her to move. For now, forget about the amounts of money involved. Since you have no written lease, you must go by whatever your state's LL/T laws are, regarding removing a T. Please read them asap, and follow them exactly.

I'm assuming you will need to give her a standard 30 day notice to move, and then if she doesn't move, you will need to follow your eviction laws to evict her. Try to avoid each other as much as possible from this point, on. DO NOT get into ANY arguments with her, but do not be afraid to call the police if something gets out of hand. Just make sure YOU are not the aggressor--bite your tongue or walk away if you have to----and NEVER touch her for ANY reason. If you have to go to court, you do NOT want a police report going in HER favor.

Sorry, but if you want her out, you have to do it LEGALLY, thru the court system if need be, which takes time. The money end of things can be taken care of in another separate lawsuit in the future, after she is out, and you have changed locks. Good Luck

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Re: my by Garry (Iowa) on February 6, 2018 @11:58 [ Reply ]
Forgot to say-----since she "pays" her rent by remodeling, tell her in your 30 day notice, she is "NOT to do anything else physically to your house", as that could be construed by a judge as collecting "rent". Also say that anything left of hers after she moves, will be disposed of. With no "lease" she is probably on a M2M lease, and that is why you must give her a 30 day notice to move. Read your LL/T laws well, as that 30 day time period could have a different "start" date,(by law) rather than just 30 days out once she receives it. Send it to her, both regular and certified mail, (to both your address, and her new place where she is receiving mail), and hand her a copy inside your home.

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