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water heater problem - Landlord Forum thread 356066

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water heater problem by Erik (NV) on February 7, 2018 @16:34

I have this great tenant , never a problem and suddenly the water heater broke on Saturday. House has home warranty the most expensive plan. So call home warranty they said they would be there between 4 to 8 pm, 8 pm tenant call they did not go so i call and complain the said they will go Sunday from 12 to 4 pm, again tenant call me at 4 pm they did not go so i call and complain again, they arrived at 8 pm . We need a new water heater. Home warranty call me Monday they do not cover, of course I argue but to not avail they tell you they cover the mechanical part but not the tank. I go to home depot and buy one Monday morning , they tell me installation on Tuesday. They call me Tuesday and the installation people bullied me to buy 50 gallons and 9 years. I contacted the city and 2 inspectors they told me that i need 40 gallons and 6 yars is fine. Installer wants me to sign a release paper that they will not warranty the job so i cancelled the installation and the inspector gave me a new plumbing company to install, today the plumber tells me the house needs a special water heater with power vent, special one, you can not find in in lowes nor home depost finally i found it in fergusson. but the plumber can not install it untl tomorrow. I would like to make it up to the tenant because it was not his fault and the inconvenience. Would be fair to prorate the rent and deduct the days he was with no water heater? I acted by good faith and I tried my best to repair asap but things did not work out as plan i never expected that home warranty wouldn't cover nor that it has a special water heater. any advice and suggestions?
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Re: water heater problem by Garry (Iowa) on February 7, 2018 @17:59 [ Reply ]
My first suggestion is to get rid of ALL your home warranties, PERIOD. They are worthless, as you have just found out. Save that money back each year, and pay out only when you need a repair or a replacement of something. Warranties are total money-makers-----but ONLY for the company that sells them. And, yes, if you feel bad about the T being a week with no hot water, you could just have them pay you only 3 weeks worth of rent for March. Sometimes things just "happen", in life, and we all have to cope with it, and move on. You sound like a very caring landlord. Good for you in wanting to do the right thing.
Re: water heater problem by Margret (NV) on February 7, 2018 @23:20 [ Reply ]
Not sure you are aware of that Nevada law requires the landlord to repair or replace a non working hot water heater within 48 hours! It's one of the mandated items that must be repaired within 48 hours by law. The law allows the tenant several options for damages against the landlord. A reduction in rent for the period of no hot water, plus a gift card to a nice restaurant would be a great start to retain good relations with your tenant. Otherwise it just might be more costly down the road?
Re: water heater problem by Kenny on February 8, 2018 @06:33 [ Reply ]
You got shafted by the plumber who said you need a power vent water heater. These type of heaters are just more energy efficient. But not required. And cost twice or 3 tines the money, than a standard type water heater.
Landlords should find repair people who are trust worthy. prior to having an emergency. Look for smaller type companies.
Run from big companies who have large advertisements on TV or many flashy trucks. These type companies have sales people that know how to sell ice to Eskimo.

Re: water heater problem by lamac66 (ga) on February 8, 2018 @13:22 [ Reply ]
unfortunately you got bad advice and the run around. Home warranties are good if you read the agreement complety and go with a reputable company. Mine has saved me quite a few times. From my experience there was only one company that did the right thing no matter what. I think they are especially good for older properties. The saving monthly thing works with newer homes as they tend to have the less problems if they were built with quality workmanship.

Someone suggested going with local small companies and I totally agree. They appreciate your business much more and are way more reasonably priced.

As far as your tenant, like someone said offer something good that is comparable to the inconvenience. This was a good learning experience eh?

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