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Re: my "friend" wont move out of my house - Landlord Forum thread 356081

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Re: my "friend" wont move out of my house by Mary on February 8, 2018 @10:11

She closed on her house Sept 26th 2017!!!!! MAkes no sense to me or anyone else either!!!! She claimed in writing and I still have that she would be out by end of Oct..beginning of Nov.
Since then has decided her house "needed" more upgrades...without discussing with me she just assumed she could stay. I was patient but now in Feb. I have enough and it is unbearable at MY HOUSE! She wants her house to be perfect and "move in" ready before moves in. She pays no rent, no utility bills and her part time job is much closer to my house than her new one. I think these all are factors selfishly on her part. NO ATTACHMENT ANY LONGER..for over a YEAR AND HALF I tolerated her continuing to live with me! MY MISTAKE and also MY MISTAKE allowing her to change things in my house...she has been paid back over 14,000. That is all she is getting from me....I put eviction notice on her bedroom door last night as per advice of my lawyer....hoping she is out in the 5 days....probably will end up in court but praying not!!!
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Re: my "friend" wont move out of my house by Q on February 8, 2018 @15:04 [ Reply ]
"she is saying I owe her 40,500 for her to leave. Or half by 20,000 by 12th of Feb.
I have never agreed to pay her back for all of this NEVER!!"

It don't matter if you never agreed to pay her back.
You allowed her to do the work. She can claim an hourly rate for here time. She can even claim she hurt her back and claim medical compensation.

When will LL's learn the risk you take allowing a T to do work on your property. Especially jobs that should be done by a licensed and insured person.

The days are gone of honest and trustworthy people. Everyone is looking for a free ride from a easy law suit. And there are plenty of lawyer to take these case's.

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