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Tenant Selection - Landlord Forum thread 356312

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Tenant Selection by Anonymous on February 28, 2018 @14:48

I am scheduled to see a home for rent next week. Really like the home but how would we stand out from other applicants when selecting from people viewing the home at the same time and filling out applications?

We have outstanding credit, 740 plus across the board

Active duty military and retired husband, both with strong employment history and income, does have military clause, military area

Stable residency history

We do have a declawed cat with all records of vaccinations (pets are ok)
We have a rental and tenants in a different state (is that something we need to mention or no)
Currently living on base and moving off because we have outgrown the home and lease is up

What do you look for in a tenant selection and what catches your eye?
We treat base housing like it's our own and take care of our tenants, could that be a turn off that we are current landlords?

We don't want to buy because we will be here no more than 2 years

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Re: Tenant Selection by Anonymous on February 28, 2018 @17:10 [ Reply ]
Please forgive me, I put a little too much into this topic with the landlord thing. Probably common sense question that doesn't deserve any replies! :)
Re: Tenant Selection by Anonymous on February 28, 2018 @19:31 [ Reply ]
I'm sorry you haven't received a reply but it is just the same day. I'm also waiting on a reply so I'll write to you. I have only one property that I rent out and do it myself so I am learning with each turn over.

It is supposed to be first come first serve but you are right,I think that a little delay by either landlord or applicant for different reasons can mean the difference in who gets in.

Ask for an application prior to viewing and have it ready to go when you get there. If you know you want it before viewing, ask if it is possible to apply early.

First of all, fill out and answer all questions completely and quickly. Inquire every other day about progress so they have a harder time brushing you off? Ask when they will come to a decision.

Your credit score is good and you say strong income. Specifically, you need to make 3-4 times the rent which is the major criteria. Knowing that you are not staying more than two years might be a turnoff as you know it takes a lot of work and money to get unit re-rented to qualified applicant. Don't volunteer the two year information if they don't ask. It's a military area so they are probably used to applicants that may leave in a hurry and may have ways to account for that. Perhaps offer to pay a bit more for a short stay, offer two year lease, or ask for month to month lease for a bit more?

I don't think it's a turnoff that you have a rental. It is an asset that you know what it's like on the other side and will likely be more respectful of property and terms of lease.

Re: Tenant Selection by lamac66 (ga) on March 1, 2018 @08:56 [ Reply ]
When replying to a rental ad. Pay attention to all that is in the ad. Follow whatever instructions that may be given on what to do. Since you're military that should be no problem.

Make sure you meet the criteria given, if any. Have decent credit, stable income, and positive rental history. Me personally, you have a rental would not be an issue. If anything that is income.

Being prior military myself I understand you probably won't rent more than 2-3 years at a time. Just meeting the criteria, following the instructions and fully completing the application will make you standout.

Most people weed themselves out because they won't do ALL of the above.

Good luck

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