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flood clean up - Landlord Forum thread 356315

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flood clean up by Anonymous (Ohio) on February 28, 2018 @17:49

The flood waters have receded and we need to get in to clean up the basement to a river front property . basement was flooded with 4 feet of flood waters.

The tenant did not move her belongings up out of the basement. She indicates that she understands her stuff is a loss. I really do not expect her to be anything but bereasonable but one can't be to careful.

I have to get her stuff out of that basement ASAP. The plan is Friday. I have a contractor coming to gut, clean the basement. I have a dumpster coming. I have learned not to let garbage sit around. It has to go when I have the labor. I have to protect the house and get moving on the clean up.

Does any one have a document already written that she can sign that I can throw her flood damaged personal belongings away. Or any suggestions as to what the document say.

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Re: flood clean up by Garry (Iowa) on March 1, 2018 @00:12 [ Reply ]
Have you told the tenant you are cleaning it out this Friday? Try to have the tenant there with you when you start to clean out the basement. Take pictures of everything before starting cleanup. If there are things she wants to try to save, let her set them aside----OUTSIDE the home. Tell her those saved items cannot go back inside the home until after they are cleaned and dried. Remember, YOU have to be respectful of her property, also. To you, it's just stuff/garbage. To her, it could be very personal items that are now destroyed. Your rental is a business, and whereas you are making business-type decisions to clean and repair your rental, she is possibly making personal, EMOTIONAL-type decisions of throwing things away. She will cooperate with you, as long as she knows you "feel" for her loss.

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