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Re: flood clean up - Landlord Forum thread 356323

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Re: flood clean up by Anonymous (Ohio) on March 1, 2018 @07:52

Thank you. I'm sending her an email today telling her clean up starts friday 10am. I am asking for a response back acknowledging the timeline. all personal items present in the basement at 10am friday will be thrown in the dumpster. I am offering to her that she can be there if she desires. However, I do not want to have the very expensive property clean out guys caught up with going over every single item . This flood was not a surprise by any stretch of the imagination.

She has verbalized to me that she knows this stuff is all trash now. It sat in 3 feet of river water for 5 days. I'm just trying to cover my bases. She has really had since yesterday to get down there and recover what she wants. The water level was an inch yesterday.
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Re: flood clean up by Garry (Iowa) on March 1, 2018 @20:09 [ Reply ]
Wait A Minute ! Whereas you have every right to protect your property, SHE has every right to protect her personal possessions. If the two of you get into an argument on Friday, the police may need to be called, and you may lose the argument. Treat your tenant with respect----you will get MUCH farther, than giving orders as to what to do with HER belongings.

And yes, I am saying this thru experience. 10 years ago, I lost 5 rental houses to a massive 1,000 year flood. All had tenants in place, and all had between 2 and 8 feet of water on the MAIN FLOORS of their homes----not the little bit of 4 feet of water in the basement. Give in a little. Maybe compromise by giving her the weekend to get out anything she wants to save, and starting Monday, anything left, goes in the dumpster.

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