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Tenant caused water damage - Landlord Forum thread 356330

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Tenant caused water damage by Anonymous (Missouri) on March 1, 2018 @14:12

I'll try to keep this short. This is a single family home

Tenants left for winter, turned off heat to the property, causing multiple water pipes (10+) to burst throughout the unit. Flooding occurred for at least 24hrs possibly closer to 36hrs.

Lease does not specifically mention leaving heat on but they were informed via text message to keep the heat on roughly 6 days before the pipes burst.

My question is who is at fault? To me, it falls under the negligent damage section of the lease. Thanks
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Re: Tenant caused water damage by Garry (Iowa) on March 1, 2018 @18:03 [ Reply ]
The Tenant is at fault, because they WERE negligent. Save all communications with the T, and hopefully you have pics and witnesses of all the damage, and the costs to get it repaired. Did your insurance company, or their renters ins. comp. pay towards the costs of the damage? Demand payment within 30 days, of all costs not paid thru ins, and then take your Ts to court for the difference.
Re: Tenant caused water damage by r u kidding me (all) on March 3, 2018 @19:45 [ Reply ]
You can do the court system it does work for eviction but beyond that you are on your own.

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