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Tenant is appealing Judge's decision - Landlord Forum thread 356331

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Tenant is appealing Judge's decision by Anonymous (PA) on March 1, 2018 @16:23

I went to court and won over $5,000 for damages caused by tenant. Tenant is appealing. Pictures were shown to the Judge proving all damages done by tenant. Tenant lied on witness stand and she is not responsible and that the pictures showed that the damages should be paid by me. She allowed a pet which is there is a not pet clause in the lease. She claims my contractor planted cat litter and cat clean up. The rugs looked like what appeared to be cat droppings on them. Woodwork was damaged by an animal. Walls looked like someone urinated on them. This was a beautiful apartment and tenant completely trashed it. My attorney did a great job in cross-examining tenant. I felt pretty good about the verdict although it was in the back of my mind that tenant would appeal and I was right. She hire an attorney and said for us to keep deposit and walk away. I refuse to do that. How do these case typically turn out in front of an arbitration team?
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Re: Tenant is appealing Judge's decision by Anonymous on March 1, 2018 @18:40 [ Reply ]
Why not ask your attorney the question?
Re: Tenant is appealing Judge's decision by Nicole (PA) on March 1, 2018 @19:23 [ Reply ]
doesn't matter how it ends up in arbitration. is she collectible? if not, doesn't matter if the arbitrators give you your $5000 ... on paper, that doesn't do you any good ... plus you've paid your attorney out of pocket.

your attorney should know if her attorney is one who just goes through the motions or is going to drag you through the mud ... running up your bill. did she pay for an attorney or get a free attorney? do you have a landlord tenant judgment or civil suit judgment?

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