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how can you collect on court judgement - Landlord Forum thread 356358

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how can you collect on court judgement by all landlords/homeowners (all) on March 3, 2018 @19:53

Has anyone here ever collected on the judgement granted by the judge after court
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Re: how can you collect on court judgement by Anonymous on March 5, 2018 @12:03 [ Reply ]
Not me. Best you can do is turn it over to a collection agency. You might get half your money if your lucky. But at least the ex- T are getting calls from collectors in the next 7 years.
Re: how can you collect on court judgement by P-Bone (NY and OH) on March 6, 2018 @07:38 [ Reply ]
Yes, if you follow all the necessary steps for your state/location.

I filed against a tenant after giving the month-to-month tenant adequate notice. After not paying at the beginning of the month (right after the notice hit) claiming she needed the money for the next place, I immediately followed my procedures to issue a Pay or Quit notice, once the grace period was over, and then called a local landlord/tenant attorney. The attorney was able to get on the docket by the end of that month. During the month, the tenant stated she had the rent due and the late fee, I didn't accept it stating she now also owed the $400 for legal fees from initiating the eviction case.

We went to court, I was immediately awarded the check she had for the rent and late fee, and the now ex-tenant (who did leave/vacate peacefully at the end of the month) had 30 days to pay my legal fees.

I immediately went to the county sheriff to file for wage garnishment. I filed against the realty company I had on record as her employer. After a couple payments of $20 here and there, I got a letter through the county from the employer saying she didn't make wages, only commission, so they weren't required to garnish and withhold anything. I looked back in my records and noted that the owner of the realty company also owned a roofing and siding company and she was paid for 30 hours of work weekly from that entity, so I filed again. Shortly after I had all my fees paid, including interest.
Re: how can you collect on court judgement by Anonymous on March 15, 2018 @21:58 [ Reply ]
Yes, to the tune of 1350.00. Attorney took a large chunk of it, though. And it takes a while, more than a year.
Re: how can you collect on court judgement by Knobstone (Indiana) on March 17, 2018 @10:19 [ Reply ]
Collecting on restitution awarded by the court can take awhile. I currently have 4 collections that are court ordered garnishments. 3 outstanding debts that I do not have any payments being made. The internet is your friend. Doc Pox, social media and general research on your part can give you a current address on a tenant. Make sure you file a proceeding supplemental. Start the garnishment order from the court.

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