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Re: Pest Control - Landlord Forum thread 356394

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Re: Pest Control by Garry (Iowa) on March 8, 2018 @16:53

If you are the tenant, why are you doing the spraying, and not the LL ? If there are pests there while the place is vacant, that is the LLs responsibility to pay to spray before the T moves in. But regardless of who pays for it, the sooner, the better, to have it sprayed. It give the spray that much more time to kill those pests. And you may even want Orkin to come and spray the day before you move in---to kill any remaining pests the first spraying didn't get. Spray poisons take time to kill. That's why they try to sell you a years worth of monthly sprayings-----not only to make money, but they already know you can't kill every pest on just the one spraying.
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Re: Pest Control by Anonymous on March 9, 2018 @11:46 [ Reply ]
It is not that unusual for tenants to be responsible for pest control when renting an a single family home.
    Re: Pest Control by Garry (Iowa) on March 10, 2018 @09:07 [ Reply ]
    I agree with you. But in many cases, it depends on WHEN pests are discovered. In the OPs case, they were discovered before the tenant even moves in. So why should that be a Ts responsibility to get rid of them? It's no different than a T giving the owner a move-in checklist of all the damages they find at move-in, so the owner can take care of them asap, and not charge the T, or their deposit for them at move-out time. In my city, a new T is given the first 2 months to discover any pests, and let the owner know about them. Then the LL must take care of getting rid of them. After the 2 months, if pests are discovered, the T must pay for the removal of them. That's because it's assumed there were no pests when they T moved in, and that the T probably brought the pests with them, or else the T has created an environment in which pests have now found a home to feed and breed.
      Re: Pest Control by Anonymous on March 10, 2018 @11:54 [ Reply ]
      You are making more out of this than is necessary. It also sounds like you are making all sorts of negative assumptions. Bill didn't say anything about the place was infested.

      Bill asked was whether he should spray earlier than later. That's it. All that really needs to be said is "whatever works better for you Bill".

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