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Finally a possible Tenant - has a dog - Landlord Forum thread 356975

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Finally a possible Tenant - has a dog by jannie (IL) on April 27, 2018 @16:13

After e-mailing photos & talking with over 30 people I found a possible tenant for my sfh. There's lots of competition. There's interest, but application not returned. When I "search" their name often I will find their name on the "police blotter".

Question - This person has a dog (I do say a small pet will be considered). She has a labradooble- looking it up sounds maybe ok - what precautions should I take. I normally charge additional 1/2 the security deposit for a pet. No pets been in this rental yet.
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Re: Finally a possible Tenant - has a dog by Anonymous on April 28, 2018 @00:15 [ Reply ]
For our home rentals in Wisconsin, we charge an additional $12.50 rent and $12.50 security deposit per month. The longer the pet stays, the more security we have at the end to mitigate damages. From what I have read about Illinois, it appears you also have no limit on security deposit amounts, so it may be something to consider. Of course, it needs to be noted on the lease or as an addendum.

I do suggest that you include guidelines regarding the handling of the animal. For example, the animal must always be leashed with the other end in control of a able person; the pet may not be chained attended or unattended; certain areas on the property cannot be used for the pet's business or certain areas are specifically for that purpose; owner is responsible to clean up after the animal get the idea, but it is up to you on how structured you want to be.

You could also do a pet interview where you meet the pet and gauge it's demeanor. Ask the owners the age of the animal, if the animal is house trained, cage trained, and see if it is threatening at all. If you don't like what you see, let it go.

I have heard that labradoodles are pretty family-friendly dogs, but I don't put much stake in those types of stories. I feel genetics have an impact on how a pet turns out, but I also think how the owner manages the pet has more. It would be easy to be swayed by some validation from the owners on "how great" their pet is, but you may be better served by weighing the pros and cons of the animal yourself if you are on the fence.

Pets will have accidents in the rental at some point. Any owner who says that it will never happen with their dog is not being honest. Even the best trained pet can get sick and mess can easily follow. It is very likely that any rental with an animal will have damage. The question is whether you have enough security to remedy it before the next renter.

Good luck with it.
Re: Finally a possible Tenant - has a dog by Anonymous on April 29, 2018 @01:27 [ Reply ]
Texas. Here we typically charge a $350.00 non-refundable pet fee for one or two pets up to a 30 pound total. It appears that a Labradoodle would likely be over 30 pounds fully grown, which would not qualify under these rules. If I decided to accept such a larger pet I would most likely charge double the pet fee.

Most tenants here are glad to have a SFH accept pets, and willing pay the $350.00 fee (not called a deposit).

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