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is this considered notice? - Landlord Forum thread 356989

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is this considered notice? by Linda on April 28, 2018 @17:33

Renting to fiancÚ's son. he called police saying we had changed locks. The locks had not been changed, he was high and couldn't get door opened. He told police he was leaving on the first. My question...can I legally take the police report as written notice and change locks after the 1st? I live in Ny.
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Re: is this considered notice? by Garry (Iowa) on April 28, 2018 @18:31 [ Reply ]
NO ! You yourself said he was high. What judge would say he has given you legal notice ?? How many police officers do you know that believe everything a person on drugs or alcohol says. Besides, the TENANT didn't give you legal notice, the police report could be considered "hear-say". You must wait for a legal notice from the T, or wait til May's rent is not paid, then give a 3 day notice, and follow up from there.
Re: is this considered notice? by Anonymous on April 28, 2018 @18:34 [ Reply ]
What type of rental agreement do you have with him? M2M or 1 year?
Re: is this considered notice? by Nicole (PA) on April 29, 2018 @09:46 [ Reply ]
this is a family matter. let your "fiancÚ" deal with his own children.
Re: is this considered notice? by Anonymous on May 1, 2018 @19:40 [ Reply ]
Put a 24 hour notice on the door and go in with a witness to ascertain whether the rental is empty. Take photos AND video with your phone (and your witness's phone).
Take a lot of photos.

Then nail andail uour 3-day notice goes failure to pay and on day 4, file an unlawful detainer. Mail everything to the last none address~~your rental. They may have already changed their address with the post office.
Follow the timeline for your jurisdiction.

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