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Eviction on an illegal unit - Landlord Forum thread 356994

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Eviction on an illegal unit by cate (California) on April 29, 2018 @00:16

Can a landlord evict you for cause of non payment of rent for an illegal unit? I was recently served with a 60 day order to vacate what I have just discovered is an illegal unit. An attorney looked at the notice and said it was defective since no cause was listed. The unit, although illegal, still falls under the provisions of the RSO in Los Angeles. As such, a no fault eviction would qualify me for relocation fees. I was advised to halt rent payments, but my concern is that if I stop making rent payments, will that disqualify me from receiving relocation fees?
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Re: Eviction on an illegal unit by Garry (Iowa) on April 29, 2018 @11:27 [ Reply ]
Whereas it's true a LL cannot collect rent for an "illegal" unit, it's also true you cannot LIVE in an "illegal" unit, either. So if your situation gets into the court system, a judge will likely make you move out, which will mean you will have an eviction on your record----which will be on your record forever. And the LL will be told to not collect any rent from anyone til the unit is brought up to a "legal" unit again. My suggestion would be for you to keep paying your rent, and find somewhere to move, at your own expense. Even IF you are awarded relocation costs this time around, an eviction on your record will hurt you BIG TIME, in any and all FUTURE moves. You would be substituting a 1-time gain (the relo costs) for many future losses---having a very hard time finding a place to live, because of the eviction on your record.
Re: Eviction on an illegal unit by Anonymous on April 29, 2018 @12:39 [ Reply ]
I think the fact that it is an illegal unit would give the owner just cause to terminate your rental agreement.
Re: Eviction on an illegal unit by Anonymous on April 29, 2018 @15:18 [ Reply ]
Quit playing the victim and MOVE.*!##$$@
Re: Eviction on an illegal unit by Anonymous on April 29, 2018 @15:28 [ Reply ]
yeah,.........really ! -- lets try to understand this properly.

you're wanting to live there for FREE as long as you possibly can,.....AND,'re trying to hustle your landlord out of relocation money.

and,..... you're posting on a LANDLORD SITE, asking for advice.

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