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Landlord rights between vacate date and warrant - Landlord Forum thread 357022

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Landlord rights between vacate date and warrant by Carol Klein (NY) on April 30, 2018 @21:59

After the vacate date on a stipulation the landlord tenant relationship ceases to exist. I want to show the apt. but the tenant won't let me in and I don't think the key he gave me works. Where can I find out what my rights are? I don't want to enter with a police escort every time I want to show the apt. Can housing court help? Can a warrant be expedited in certain situations? Do I still have to provide services to the tenants as they are basically squatters. Found out I should have put in the request for the warrant a month before needed. Would appreciate any help with this.Thanks!
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Re: Landlord rights between vacate date and warrant by Garry (Iowa) on April 30, 2018 @23:35 [ Reply ]
No use calling the police. They cannot help you, as this is a civil matter. They could only help you get in, if they have a court order from a judge, thru your housing court. No, warrants can't be "expedited". The court system moved at it's own pace. You're situation is no different than thousands of other LLs. And, yes, you still have to provide services until they are actually evicted. Unless you have an EXCELLENT relationship with a tenant, you should NEVER try to show a place while a T is still there. You don't know what that T will say about you as a LL to the prospective new T, and the T could leave you a TON of damage when they leave.

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