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Minimizing Vacancy Time - Landlord Forum thread 357033

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Minimizing Vacancy Time by John (GA) on May 1, 2018 @16:14

How do you minimize the time between tenant leaving and getting new one?
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Re: Minimizing Vacancy Time by Garry (Iowa) on May 1, 2018 @18:06 [ Reply ]
It actually starts with you having a GREAT tenant in your place right NOW. Your current T should be keeping your place really clean, NEVER damaging anything, and telling you ASAP of any physical problems that come up as your unit ages. That way, you can keep up with repairs as the needs happen, reducing down time when they move out. You should be doing an inspection every 6 months, not only to see how your T is living, but noticing things that a T might not. Your current T must be receptive to you showing the place several times in the 30 days before they are scheduled to move out. However, that may mean you may have to reduce their rent some for those 30 days, for their inconvenience of you showing the place. Treat that as a cost for you having the possibility of getting a new T in, within a few days after the old T moves out. A clean T during their tenancy, should mean they will leave it "clean" when they move (again, reducing down time for cleaning after their move out.) Run apps as soon as you get them, and try to get a GREAT T in again. But you should always plan on having at least 1 week between move out, and move in, as you NEVER know what you may have to do to TOTALLY have your place move-in ready. You don't need new, UPSET tenants on day 1. That 1 week is simply the cost of doing business. Good Luck.
Re: Minimizing Vacancy Time by Sara on September 3, 2018 @03:51 [ Reply ]
Appreciate the time you took to write this

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