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Repairs landlord is responsible for?? - Landlord Forum thread 357053

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Repairs landlord is responsible for?? by ys204419 (CA) on May 3, 2018 @02:42

What are the items that a landlord is responsible for? I have a tenant who I just served a notice for a rent increase and is now requesting for items to be repaired.

Here are the items requested:
1. Repair hair line cracked tiles (14 has been replaced already)
2. Add a dead bolt to the front and rear gates (Has a lock already)
3. Trim tree in front of the house (None of the tenants park in the front as there is rear entry for that tenant)
4) Small to large holes in the garage (Wasn't there before but they stated it was when they moved in)
5) Closet door falls off track

Most of these items can be fixed easily but I just wanted feedback on what is required from the landlord
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Re: Repairs landlord is responsible for?? by Anonymous on May 3, 2018 @07:37 [ Reply ]
Would you make the repairs mentioned if you were going to rent to someone new? If so make the repairs. I would do #4, #5. and possibly #1 if it is easy enough or a safety issue.
It really depends on the T attitude and past history. If you want them out do just the basics repairs. If they don't like the lock on the gate, to bad. Same with the tree.
Re: Repairs landlord is responsible for?? by Garry (Iowa) on May 3, 2018 @07:54 [ Reply ]
This happens to a lot of LLs when they go to increase rent. Tenants ALWAYS seem to find things wrong at that time. You are responsible for fixing all 5 things on your list, UNLESS you can prove the T caused the damage/problems. You should definitely fix #5, as you don't want someone getting hurt. #2 further secures your T and YOUR residence. #3 needs to be done, because things GROW, and sometimes you need to (cut back) mother nature.

#1 only needs to be done if it's posing a hazard of some sort. As far as #4 goes, can you prove the T caused them? If not, repair them to make your T happy. As you said, the items are easily fixed, so just grit your teeth and do them. Once you get these items done, expect the T to find 2-3 more items for you to fix, before they are "happy" with your rent increase.
Re: Repairs landlord is responsible for?? by Anonymous on May 7, 2018 @21:50 [ Reply ]
Your lease should state that tenants are responsible for all repairs less than $400. Simply put, "if you don't fix it, You'll be evicted for lease violations"
Re: Repairs landlord is responsible for?? by Scott on June 5, 2018 @09:05 [ Reply ]
Landlords are responsible for every repair of the house. If the items are being damaged intentionally, then its a different issue. Items like A/C unit, leaky tap, clogged sink or any electrical issues, all should be taken care by the landlord. My landlord friend does the same. He recently called air conditioning company Essex County NJ professionals to repair the A/C unit as it was giving warm air.

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