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How to find Qualified tenant applicants? - Landlord Forum thread 357072

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How to find Qualified tenant applicants? by jannie (IL) on May 3, 2018 @16:57

My tried and true methods aren't working. Newspaper - got few calls, all from people who smoked or had pets or didn't want to fill out application. Sign in the yard works, but I send pictures & application - they either don't like the house or don't like the questions on the application. I am able to list the rental with one company's HR dept -- all others forbid unless you work at the company. Are there internet sites people are going to?
I really am not a fan of Craigslist.

Ideas appreciated.
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Re: How to find Qualified tenant applicants? by Garry (Iowa) on May 3, 2018 @17:54 [ Reply ]
I put a sign in the yard, do a Sunday newspaper along with their Wednesday "Penny Saver", and then use Craig's List. But I'm moving away from the newspaper and P.S., as the cost is $35/week for the 2, and with the advent of electronics, hardly anyone nowadays reads or gets a paper (at least those under 40). On my CL ad, I put no pics in. I give the address, so they can drive by the place first. And I tell in the ad all about the house and my rental terms, and if they want to see the inside, they can make an appointment, and my application is on the kitchen counter if they want to fill one out.

However, I may not be as "picky" as you, or many LLs are. I allow smoking, and small pets for an extra deposit. About 3/4 of all the people that see my places inside actually fill out an app. I only do M2M leases, so I can get people out faster and easier if they are doing things I don't like. One thing I have found out, though, is that having a pet, being a smoker, or having a "not-TOO-bad" of a criminal background, does NOT always mean they will be a bad T for me.
Re: How to find Qualified tenant applicants? by Anonymous on May 3, 2018 @20:00 [ Reply ]
Zillow will get you hundreds of replies. Just be prepared for a bunch of canned emails. They'll click a button that they're interested and you'll get the same email from hundreds of different people. Phone screen and be patient.

Nobody looks in the newspaper anymore for a place. Adapt to the times. Zillow will automatically put it on a few sites for you.
Re: How to find Qualified tenant applicants? by lamac66 (ga) on May 4, 2018 @08:09 [ Reply ]
You may want to consider property management software. Some even come with a free website that lets you customize to your liking.

The software sends out your listing to all the major online listing sites where most people these days look for rentals. I think it's worth it even if you have only one rental.

You can find these software for as little as $30/mo. I use rentecdirect. Simple and easy for what I need it for. Things have pretty much moved to online listings and electronic transactions ect.

Lawn signs generate lots of interests for me. I do open houses only. I just list when the next open house is and they show up.
Re: How to find Qualified tenant applicants? by Stephen (Washington (WA)) on May 4, 2018 @13:56 [ Reply ]
I have two sites with properties. For both we use Craigslist, a yard sign, and info holder with fliers.
In addition, one site is on a busy street on a bus route. We purchased a large banner "FOR RENT" with our phone number. Got it big enough that it could be read from buses on the other side of the street. We get a lot of response from the banner.
The other site doesn't get the banner because it just doesn't work there. Would love to figure out something better for this site but so far nothing has worked. I might try Zillow next time.
Re: How to find Qualified tenant applicants? by Anna on May 5, 2018 @12:55 [ Reply ]
First thing that I thought when you read your post is they did not like the house. This is something you can change. You know what would pay off in your market. Maybe there are some inexpensive things that would really make it more likeable.

I have never done this but also considered placing some plants if you have some rooms with great light.

What is it they do not like?
Re: How to find Qualified tenant applicants? by Anonymous on May 7, 2018 @21:49 [ Reply ]
Start advertising "no kids & no pets allowed. Ever.". This gives future tenants the comfort knowing that the property is clean through and through and has never been fouled by an animal or a child.

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