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What Acounting Software Are You Using - Landlord Forum thread 357077

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What Acounting Software Are You Using by AnonymousFL on May 3, 2018 @17:39

We have around 180 rentals split between 5 locations. For several years, we have been using Quickbooks 2012 on Windows 7 for rent collection, invoicing customers, paying vendors, and paying employees.

The reporting is good for the most part, but falls short in trying more complex report building. We also encountered a problem recently with the Unemployment Compensation reporting that cannot be fixed, so that must be done manually. Other than that, it has actually worked fairly well.

Sadly, Quickbooks 2012 is not certified with Windows 10, and after testing and finding some interfaces broken, we will be looking to either upgrade to a new version of Quickbooks or another platform.

I was wondering what others might be using and how they have fared.
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Re: What Acounting Software Are You Using by Anonymous on May 3, 2018 @20:37 [ Reply ]
It sometimes burns when I pee.
Re: What Acounting Software Are You Using by Anonymous on May 3, 2018 @21:01 [ Reply ]
I mean that's a chance that you've gotta take. You're paying to feel the sex, so feel it. Condoms are for pus-sies.
Re: What Acounting Software Are You Using by anon (CA) on May 3, 2018 @22:56 [ Reply ]
YARDI is used in Southern Cal. It's common to see job listings for property managers or asst but must know YARDI. I do not know it at all.
Re: What Acounting Software Are You Using by lamac66 (ga) on May 4, 2018 @08:01 [ Reply ]
I use rentec. No unemployment features though.
Re: What Acounting Software Are You Using by Stephen (Washington (WA)) on May 4, 2018 @14:29 [ Reply ]
My wife (a bookkeeper) uses the latest QuickBooks. In regard to unemployment comp I'm aware that while most states compute it one way (I believe based upon wages and that is how QB is set up), a few states, including mine, figure it differently so my wife has to do some extra steps. Since most software developers write their programs to satisfy the majority I'm not sure you'll find an off-the-shelf program that totally fixes the unemployment comp issue.
In regard to the way these programs cease to be supported after only a couple years and if you buy a newer version you need a newer computer - we complain about that regularly.

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