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Social Media by Anna on May 5, 2018 @13:35

I read a post which indicated different opinions about a landlord googling a prospect tenant. One view point was that the landlord must be blind and not allowed to search. The other opinion was that it was public information and therefore obviously not private.

I am wondering just for safety factors if you should have a small idea of who you are meeting. For example SWF meets prospective tenant who is not the person they said they were. There are true examples of people meeting from the internet that went horribly wrong.

What was decided was legal? I have not used facebook ect. for screening except in reading this it seems public is public but I am not sure if we landlords have less rights.
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Re: Social Media by Anonymous on May 5, 2018 @13:59 [ Reply ]
Legal? To look at Facebook?

If you're scared to look at an applicant's Facebook post, your timid ass is in the wrong business.
Re: Social Media by Dr. Z (NY) on May 6, 2018 @10:33 [ Reply ]
When checking people out via facebook, just be aware that you leave a footprint. "outsiders" who check out a person's page show up in that person's adverts of "people you may know".

You might use a friend's FB account for the checking, or set up a FB account that does not specifically identify you by name or photo.
Re: Social Media by lamac66 (ga) on May 7, 2018 @06:58 [ Reply ]
Nothing wrong with using social meeting to gather information however that information has to be verified. Social media is a tool.

Think of it like a polygraph that law enforcement use. The results is not admissible in court but it can be a tool for information gathering.

Right know I am trolling a tenants facebook page. They can be late with rent but can make travel plans ect. I am just gathering information.....

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