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Name on Lease? - Landlord Forum thread 357135

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Name on Lease? by Bill (PA) on May 7, 2018 @11:21

So my tenant of 4 years is leaving and I've already issued the pay or quit notice. I fully expect them to quit but she was recently married this past November. Her name is on the lease and not the boyfriend/husband. She is trying to push her responsibilities off on her husband but I feel legally I need to continue communicating with her since it is her name on the lease and her name that will be drug through the mud when I have to take her to court for the back rent.

Am I correct to think the husband has no legal grounds to act as her agent? I don't want to misstep since this is most likely going to court.
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Re: Name on Lease? by Garry (Iowa) on May 7, 2018 @16:49 [ Reply ]
You are correct. Even though she may be legally married, If the husband never signed the lease, then all communication should have HER name on it only. That includes any notices from you to her, and the deposit statement when you send it out. All court papers should ONLY have HER name on them. If the husband calls you for any reason, you have a choice. You can still talk to him, but any "real" decisions need to be between you and her. Or, you can just tell him you need to speak to her, and if he won't let you, simply say goodby, and hang up. In court, you can explain to a judge that only SHE signed the lease, even if he shows up in court. The court will treat him as a witness, but not as a signee on your lease. As for a physical eviction, EVERYTHING goes out.
Re: Name on Lease? by Anonymous on May 7, 2018 @17:21 [ Reply ]
Yep. Your beef is with her. Use both her old and new name on any documents to CYA.
Jane Doe (Jane Brown)
Re: Name on Lease? by Nicole (PA) on May 7, 2018 @17:49 [ Reply ]
You only deal with her. Not sure what the real issue is here. You should have a "waiver of notice" clause in your lease if it's a Pennsylvania specific lease and not one gleaned from the internet or a stationary store. "Pay of Quit" notice shouldn't be needed. Get to the magistrate the first day you can.
Re: Name on Lease? by Anonymous on May 7, 2018 @21:43 [ Reply ]
I only deal with the man of the household. Women aren't capapble of business dealings because of their emotions.

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