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AirBnB - Landlord Forum thread 357146

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AirBnB by Anna on May 7, 2018 @21:37

This is something that might be interesting to discuse and the reason I bring it up is I feel my house is in danger of having it used as such. On the other hand its a consideration, perhaps, as it appears that the potential is far greater than income for a 1 year lease. I have decided its not a great idea for me but find it almost two good to be true. If it is not too good to be true I am missing the boat in a major way.

Also what I have found out is that many tenants are renting properties and then advertising it as a BnB. They do this without permission. They advertise without an address given until it is paid for.

This brings us to sub-leasing, except how do you really stop it or enforce it. When I get a tenant they are more often than not good and rocking the boat is a balance. My worst experiences could not even compare to some of yours I am sure of it. Now with this BnB I find it a big concern.
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Re: AirBnB by Anonymous on May 7, 2018 @21:42 [ Reply ]
Encourage it. Money is money. You want to be paid, don't you?
Re: AirBnB by Anonymous on May 7, 2018 @22:20 [ Reply ]
Or if you think theres a market for it, you should nip it in the bud. Don't let these animals steal from you! If you suspect you're in a good AirBnB market, by all means you should start advertising it as a daily rental yourself! Otherwise some saavy tenant is going to move in and STEAL FROM YOU by STEALING YOUR POTENTIAL PROFITS!!!!

It's your property! Reap the rewards!
Re: AirBnB by Michelle (MD and CA) on May 15, 2018 @12:28 [ Reply ]
If you make clear to a potential tenant you check for vrbo and Air BnB ads and will enforce the no-sublet provision with an eviction, that tenant will find another place to lease and you will have prevented the problem.
The issue of unauthorized subletting is that the new person has no credit check, identity check, or written agreement with the landlord, but does have the keys. See
In the case of Arrieta vs, Mahon, now codified as CCP1174.3, the Supreme Court of the State of California
held that before any person maybe forcibly evicted by the levying officer, they must have an opportunity to be heard.

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