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Rogue tenant - Landlord Forum thread 357177

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Rogue tenant by Anonymous on May 8, 2018 @19:37

Tenant brought in 24 year old daughter,stating she is there to help who is disrespectful, has 4 boyfriends coming in and out all day all night. The tenant refuses to give information to posdibly get her on the lease. Bit catch is... He diesnt dpend time in the unit but once a week. Can we evict her
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Re: Rogue tenant by Anonymous on May 8, 2018 @19:58 [ Reply ]
What state are you in?
Re: Rogue tenant by Anonymous on May 8, 2018 @21:12 [ Reply ]
Increase the rent. Double occupancy means double the rent. Issue proper notice and start collecting
Re: Rogue tenant by Garry (Iowa) on May 8, 2018 @23:49 [ Reply ]
You can only TRY to evict your ACTUAL tenant for a lease violation-----that being bringing in an unauthorized person to live in your unit. But how are you going to PROVE the person is living there on a REGULAR basis? Your own surveilance of watching the place 24/7 and documenting things, or getting neighbors to watch the place? And those neighbors need to be willing to go to court and testify to what they have seen, too. In other words, it's EXTREMELY hard to prove an unauthorized person is living there. However, if anyone is being a nuisience to the neighborhood, and the police are called, the police report(s) "may" be of some help in court.

You may just have to wait til the end of their lease comes up, and either increase their rent dramatically, or just give them a notice you are terminating their lease. What I do, is only go M2M with all my leases, starting from day 1. That way, if a T is not behaving like they should, I can just give them a 30 day notice to move, and have them out in a relatively short amount of time.
Re: Rogue tenant by Geoff in NY (NY) on May 9, 2018 @14:03 [ Reply ]
If this is NYC You're pretty much Sorry, Out of Luck! The NYC property courts are very in favor of close family members (Even adult ones) co-occupying units, so you would need additional (and probably serious) violations to evict her. I hope your place isn't rent stabilized, and under short term lease. PS Unless you're being paid in part by Section 8 Then it is considered welfare fraud.

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