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Landlord want remove tenent or change locks - Landlord Forum thread 357188

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Landlord want remove tenent or change locks by Darryl Young (North Carolina) on May 9, 2018 @11:07

My friend and I moved into this property at 524 Wiley Ave. on 02/23/18. On 05/05/18 my friend moved out. My landlord refuses to take her off the lease nor will she change the locks to the house. I pay the rent and all utilities are in my name. Furthermore there is a list of repairs that the landlord has been made aware of since February and as of this date they haven't been addressed. I'm at a lost as how to move forward with these issues.
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Re: Landlord want remove tenent or change locks by Anonymous on May 9, 2018 @12:21 [ Reply ]
Not the LL's problem or concern at this point. Once the existing lease runs out, then you can talk to the LL about making those changes.
Re: Landlord want remove tenent or change locks by Garry (Iowa) on May 9, 2018 @14:05 [ Reply ]
You have 2 different situations here. The anon is correct, and so is the LL. The one who moved out stays on the lease til at least the end of it, UNLESS ALL parties to the lease ( LL and BOTH Ts) agree in WRITING to take that person's name off the lease. The LL has no incentive to do so, as if you default on paying the rent, the LL can legally go after BOTH Ts for an eviction and/or money judgement. And as long as your friend is still on the lease, the LL cannot change the locks just to keep your friend out. You will just have to live with the possibility your friend may come back at any time to stay, or even rob you. That's your penalty for making a poor choice in roommates.

However, YOU can change the locks, at your expense, but you MUST give your LL a key, and if your roommate comes back and wants in, you and/or the LL MUST let her in. Money wise, if the 2 of you agreed to split the rent (but the LL ALWAYS needs to be paid the full rent by you), You could, in the future, go after your friend in court, to recover the half of the rent you paid for her. Your best choice----if you cannot afford ALL the rent on your own, move out by the end of this month, let the LL keep the deposit for June's rent, and HOPE the LL can rent it ASAP, so you won't owe the LL for July's rent. Also be sure to leave the place TOTALLY CLEAN, and with NO damages. This is what happens to people who sign leases, and then can't get along with each other.

As for the repair list, unless it effects your safety, or habitability of your place, the LL probably won't do anything till the place is vacant again.
Re: Landlord want remove tenent or change locks by Anonymous on May 9, 2018 @15:09 [ Reply ]
Change the locks yourself. It takes about five minutes and deduct the cost of the lock from your rent with the receipt.
Re: Landlord want remove tenent or change locks by Anonymous on May 9, 2018 @15:39 [ Reply ]
I agree Darryl. Change the locks and deduct the cost from the rent. It's his house, but its your home and you have to be able to control who enters your home.
Re: Landlord want remove tenent or change locks by Anonymous on May 9, 2018 @15:48 [ Reply ]
If the landlord takes them off the lease then they are no longer responsible for paying. You both signed a contract and if it is a lease that makes all solely responsible then removing a person gives the landlord one less person to collect rent from. The landlord rented to both of you as stable income situation as presented. Now you are not stable and trying to get out of the contract you signed. Whats more you can't take someone off the lease without ending it because then there is the damage deposit and walk through needed when all move out. That can't happen with people living in the place.

This opinion only.
Re: Landlord want remove tenent or change locks by Anonymous on May 9, 2018 @17:36 [ Reply ]
Do you have a civil enough relationship with your friend to ask her to put something in writing (notarized) saying she's ok with you changing the locks? Let the LL know you understand that she's still on the lease and remain so until it ends. If he gives you permission, just pay to have them done yourself.
Re: Landlord want remove tenent or change locks by Nicole (PA) on May 10, 2018 @08:43 [ Reply ]
This is in response to all who tell the tenant to change the lock. I have a master key system. There is no way in the world my tenants are permitted to change locks. It is a lease violation, even with giving me a key.

Two separate agreements here as everyone knows. Landlord/tenantS and tenant/tenant. Landlord does not need to get involved in tenant/tenant situation.

Here, you can call the police for all kinds of stuff and they might or might not show up as they are understaffed and over worked. However, domestic violence is taken VERY seriously due to several really serious situations the past few years. You cannot just tell the police your roommate is violent. There is a court process to go through. At least in Pennsylvania, that is the only way to request lease changes due to domestic issues ... after a judge issues a court order ... not a certified letter to the police.

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