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Just found out one of the two tenants died - Landlord Forum thread 357189

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Just found out one of the two tenants died by John (MD) on May 9, 2018 @11:35

So I have 2 tenants living in my rental property for going on 3 years now. Just found out via FB (via public posts) that one of the tenants (the male bf) died about a week ago.

Anyway I got the rent for this month. The lease renews next month and there's an automatic renewal option. The lease has both names so even if one dies the other one is still responsible.

Anyway, my question is should I just conduct everything like normal, sending her a renewal notice indicating the lease is being renewed etc. She hasn't notified me of anything!!! Most likely she dosen't legally have to.
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Re: Just found out one of the two tenants died by Anonymous on May 9, 2018 @12:23 [ Reply ]
That's what I would do. Once you hear back from her and you know the actual situation / what she wants to do, you can go from there.
Re: Just found out one of the two tenants died by Anonymous on May 9, 2018 @14:59 [ Reply ]
There's a fresh conversation going on about this very subject at's website
Re: Just found out one of the two tenants died by Michelle (CA) on May 17, 2018 @16:00 [ Reply ]
The bf's estate and/or heirs inherit the lease terms (and key and debts) or a version of those terms, depending on in which city and state you reside. This is so complex, that I have wanted to include a lease clause for it, but haven't gotten around to it. I did read that the landlord needs to include the same clause for all tenants, and not just the ones that the landlord has a concern about.
A version means that some cities automatically call it a one month's notice; some cities don't address it; and I can't recall other possibilities, but they are there. My main concern would be complying to legal codes regarding the bf's possessions. I guess it's possible that the couple had a common-law marriage, but as California does not honor these, I can't elaborate. Do you include next of kin on your tenant application? That would be the party to start with regarding possessions. But, of course, you don't know if that is actually the party in the tenant's will or in your state's default will (if the tenant never wrote one out.
Please let us know what you find and how it turns out!

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