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tenant dispute/lease is up - Landlord Forum thread 357238

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tenant dispute/lease is up by Danny (CO) on May 10, 2018 @10:44

Have 3 girls in my rental (everyone has their own personal, private space). Two of the girls are in their mid 30s, and are fantastic tenants. The other is in her mid 20s, good tenant as well. Was a happy household till about three months ago. Younger girl got new boyfriend, who happens to be an ex con (other girls looked him up, he has quite the wrap sheet, assault, etc. And has been left alone in house). There has also been heated exchanges, recently. This is all from what older girls have told me...the lease is up at end of June. Am being requested not to renew younger girls lease. Wondering how to go about this. BTW, can and should raise rent for younger girls room by at least $80.
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Re: tenant dispute/lease is up by Bill (MD) on May 10, 2018 @10:56 [ Reply ]
Depends on your state. How long is the BF staying there, if he's there long enough he should be on the lease. You can say then that he can't be there that long. But if you are Okay with letting her go I would just end her lease over the issue. Some states require a reason for ending the lease.

It would be nice to have a heart-to-heart conversation with her saying that no one likes this guy and if you continue having him over I can't allow you to stay there, but that's illegal. I strongly suspect a 20yo girl who's dating an ex-con probably has very little brains to understand the complication situation she's got herself into. Nor can she put herself into the shoes of a landlord or co-habitants who don't appreciate her bf. In other words she should realize she will lose her place over it.

Rent increases are based on laws in your state.
Re: tenant dispute/lease is up by EM (TX) on May 10, 2018 @15:06 [ Reply ]
You terminate the current lease, and you offer a new lease only to the existing two girls, if they can cover it. If they are getting a new roommate then screen her like you would a normal tenant.

The problem comes if the 3rd girl decides to give you the middle finger and not leave the house as requested. In that case (check with your lawyer) I believe you have to legally evict ALL tenants from the house, but you can probably do this in a way such that the other 2 tenants aren't really evicted. (Eg they sign a lease to "move back in" the same day they are evicted, so they never really leave).

Also, re: security deposit, you probably want to refund the girl her full 1/3 and get another 1/3 from the existing girls or the new co-tenant.
Re: tenant dispute/lease is up by Anonymous on May 10, 2018 @15:19 [ Reply ]
You as the property owner have the right to deny certain guests from entering. Modify the lease and specify that this individual is not allowed on the premises. To make it fair, specify that no occupant is allowed an overnight guest. Not until they're married at which point the husband would need to be screened. I don't know if you could legally forbid premarital sex, but I would try.

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