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Rental Criteria - Landlord Forum thread 357240

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Rental Criteria by Anna Mouse on May 10, 2018 @12:34

I want to share the following because it may work out to be a positive thing.

In my state the almost made it a law that you had to make a rental criteria sheet and pass it out with all applications. There was more to the law and the whole thing did not pass. I am glad because I am not one for regulation. That said, given the uniqueness of my home I decided to do this part anyway. After thinking long on what it would say I am glad that I have now done this.

In reading an article about this where a seasoned landlord was coaching a newb landlord. Well the newb said I don't like this because I feel as if it is binding me while screening people. The seasoned landord said good that is exactly what it is suppose to do.

Not only did I write down the income and credit score requirement I also wrote other requirements such as procedures of turning in the application. In my situation I was having people view and then throw me half cocked apps. 15 minutes later after viewing. While it seems a good problem its not. Another thing I have done which might help all is that I have lowered the price to a bit below more than fair which increases my pool of possible tenants. Then I increase the criteria which shrinks it. This is likely working we shall see.
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Re: Rental Criteria by Lacey on May 10, 2018 @13:19 [ Reply ]
Thank you!
Re: Rental Criteria by Anonymous on May 10, 2018 @14:47 [ Reply ]
Having the same criteria for everyone should also prevent a prospective tenant from crying discrimination if they don't get chosen.

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