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Prospective tenants sharing a bedroom - Landlord Forum thread 357243

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Prospective tenants sharing a bedroom by Fred R. (MI) on May 10, 2018 @15:00

My wife and I have a reasonably nice 3/2 house (1600 sq ft.) in Ann Arbor. We have two sets of tenants in the process of applying--both are college students.

One hitch is that one group has four people (so two of them will have to share a bedroom). A little unusual, but whatever.

My wife is a bit worried about (1) possible extra wear and tear with four people vs. three. The way the house is laid out, three would be sharing one single bathroom. Also (2) that these tenants might be less likely to renew the next year, because let's face it, living with someone else in your room at age 22 or 23 is going to get pretty old. Although apparently they were in a frat together before, if that makes a difference.

Any thoughts? I guess I prefer the threesome to the foursome, but would give it to the foursome if they were better qualified (credit / co-signers).
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Re: Prospective tenants sharing a bedroom by Fred R (MI) on May 10, 2018 @15:01 [ Reply ]
Forgot to add--doesn't appear the people sharing the room are a "couple" if that makes a difference.
Re: Prospective tenants sharing a bedroom by Anonymous on May 10, 2018 @15:09 [ Reply ]
Unfortunately you don't have the right to dictate whether they're a couple. They most likely are a couple and just aren't open about it. Turning them down will open you up to a lawsuit
Re: Prospective tenants sharing a bedroom by Anonymous on May 10, 2018 @15:13 [ Reply ]
Regardless of what they are, this has gone on for far too long. If you don't like them because they're gay, turn them down. Enough of this sissification and being afraid to turn down people because you don't agree with their lifestyle!

If I have a child molestor apply to rent from me, guess what? I'm not going to rent to him because I don't agree with his morals. This is no different!
Re: Prospective tenants sharing a bedroom by Anonymous on May 10, 2018 @15:30 [ Reply ]
How would you feel if it were a single mom/dad with 3 kids - 2 boys and a girl? The 2 boys would be sharing a bedroom and all 3 would be sharing the bathroom. Why is this any different? As long as all 4 people meet your criteria/requirements I say go for it.
Re: Prospective tenants sharing a bedroom by Garry (Iowa) on May 10, 2018 @17:07 [ Reply ]
You are a landlord, and you run a BUSINESS. You should NOT be imposing YOUR MORAL STANDARDS on other people. As long as it's LEGAL in your state to live together outside of marriage, and for men to marry men, and women to marry women, WHY should you care how they live in your RENTAL property?? All you need is for anybody living there, to pay you rent on time, keep the place up, and not cause problems for ANYONE. If all the people who applied, fit your BUSINESS qualifications, then rent to them. If at some point down the road they can't get along with each other, it's no different than if a couple married for 1 year, or 10-20 years, can't get along.

Living standards through out the whole country, say you can have 2 people per bedroom. Gender or age DOES NOT MATTER. In a 3 bedroom home, you can have up to 6 people living there. And "wear and tear" is EXPECTED in a place, no matter how many people are living there. There is absolutely NO WAY you can distinguish between W+T from 1 person, or 6. Imposing your moral standards in a business setting, opens you up to MAJOR civil rights violations. You CAN impose your moral standards if you rent out a room inside the home that you are living in, but not on one you rent out that you are not living in. Check with a local civil rights organization about all of this, BEFORE you have a major problem that may cost you thousands of $.
Re: Prospective tenants sharing a bedroom by Anonymous on May 10, 2018 @18:44 [ Reply ]
If you had proper rental criteria created based on Income and credit you could make this decision without bringing in your personal feelings.

Successful business people do not consider these things when trying to make money, dollars are green and that is all that matters.

You can de-friend a person for how you feel but why would you even think this matters in business. How green is their money, and do they pay their bills?
Re: Prospective tenants sharing a bedroom by anon (CA) on May 10, 2018 @18:46 [ Reply ]
Disregard who sleeps with whom and base decision on background and income and financials.
Re: Prospective tenants sharing a bedroom by lamac66 (ga) on May 11, 2018 @10:40 [ Reply ]
Just spell out at lease signing EVERYONE is responsible for rent. Go over common scenerio that occur with roomates and what happens when one leaves before lease is up yada yada.

Go over how security deposit will be handled. One check with everyones name on it or divided up individually.\

simple stuff

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