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Tenant left and forgot to leave keys - Landlord Forum thread 357287

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Tenant left and forgot to leave keys by Bill (Pa) on May 11, 2018 @10:08

Very annoyed I have been excellent communicating to my tenants who I was kicking out for lack of payment and had a notice to quit deadline for the 12th. They decide to leave out of state on the 11th and tell me they are emptied and moving in their new place but won't be back till next week... if the place is empty I was going to change the locks as planned and switch utilities on the 12th as planned. I want to start to turn the unit over and not play these games while staying on the good side of the law.
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Re: Tenant left and forgot to leave keys by EM (TX) on May 11, 2018 @13:53 [ Reply ]
Is there a question here? Yes, if the unit has been vacated by the tenant, e.g. stuff is gone, you are all clear to change the locks. If they have moved their bed and mattress out of the home, you are almost certainly good to go. If you aren't sure be careful, you don't want to do an illegal self-help eviction.
Re: Tenant left and forgot to leave keys by Garry (Iowa) on May 11, 2018 @14:28 [ Reply ]
So post a 24 hr notice on their door today, that you are going in tomorrow. Then go in with a witness, and take pics of everything------all the rooms, inside closets, kitchen cupboards, refrig, etc. If most of the daily living items are gone, but there are still a few things left, gather all items left, into the living room, and start to clean and repair everything else in your unit. You can still switch the utils, and change locks, but you need to say that on your posted notice, so they won't try to break in. They can call you, and you can come to let them in, if they ever come back. OR, you could wait a week to change locks, to see if they come back. For the time being, you are "storing" their stuff, just in one room of the same unit (at no charge).

It will probably take you at least a week or two, to clean and repair the rest of your place. When you are ready to do the living room, move their "stuff" to another room tempararily, and then get the L room done-----all while "storing" their things at no charge. When you are ready to show the place, THEN, either store their things in another place, offsite, or throw them away, if they haven't came back for them yet. If they come back, and don't like what you did, they can always take you to court. But the chances of that, if they have already moved out of state, are next to zero.
Re: Tenant left and forgot to leave keys by Anonymous on May 11, 2018 @15:02 [ Reply ]
They didn't forget. You kicked them out, this was their last F you. Don't let them mock you like this. Its your property, take it back. Change all locks and begin turnover.
Re: Tenant left and forgot to leave keys by Anonymous on May 11, 2018 @15:36 [ Reply ]
Do the utility companies come out on the weekends?
I would post notice and go in tomorrow. If most valuables are gone I would change the locks and clean to re-rent. Don't forget to mail out any deposit they might have coming back if any.
Re: Tenant left and forgot to leave keys by Bill (Pa) on May 11, 2018 @20:32 [ Reply ]
Thanks for the feedback all. All utilities were changed over and the unit is empty. They left windows open and even left the door unlocked, such nice guys. Will change the locks then work on turning the unit over. Thanks again.
Re: Tenant left and forgot to leave keys by lamac66 (ga) on May 16, 2018 @12:45 [ Reply ]
What are they coming back for? In most states if they still have things in there you can not remove them. However if the place looks no powrer ect you may be in the clear.

I would not risk it if they still have things in there and just file for eviction when eligible to according to your state laws. Not waiting a week, then they know show up. That could be a stalling game to just mess you up.

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