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Beehive nuiscance - Landlord Forum thread 357340

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Beehive nuiscance by Robert (TX) on May 14, 2018 @17:34

My rental property backs up to a small farm. They have a huge hive on the back of the property line and my tenants have had four of their dogs stung. I've complained to the farmers about this because my tenants have complained to me about it. They claim theyre paid by the government to keep these nuisances. I don't see how thats true so I snuck onto the property after dark and shot the hive to pieces with a BB gun. Three days later my tenants say that somebody put the remnants of the hive in their back yard where it was still being swarmed with bees and stinging the rest of the dogs. now the tenant wants me to pay vet bills for all seven dogs claiming that I caused the bees to attack. After they told me the hive had been put in the yard I went and killed the swarm spraying the entire area. I told the farmer it must have been bats that attacked the bees. I'm worried the tenant is going to narc on me to the farmer. Nobody has proof.
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Re: Beehive nuiscance by Anonymous on May 15, 2018 @05:54 [ Reply ]
You could be on the hook for replacement cost for all the bee hive cost to replace. If I were the farmer I would take you to court. Why would you allow your T to have 7 dogs on the property anyway?
You might want to buy your T a shovel. He might need it to bury a few dogs in the coming week. Redneck justice is a bitch.
Re: Beehive nuiscance by JR on May 16, 2018 @15:26 [ Reply ]
You should be tied to a active beehive for a day for spraying them. Do everyone a favor and get out of being a Landlord. Your giving us a bad name.

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