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Returning Keys - Landlord Forum thread 357354

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Returning Keys by Anonymous (PA) on May 15, 2018 @10:05

My tenant left on November 1 and returned keys on that day. Tenant was supposed to be out on the 31th of Oct. Legally, is November 1 her last day or Oct. 31? I tried to look up what is the legal date and could not find anything. She left because I raised the rent and was very upset about it. I sent her a letter within a couple of days informing her that she was not getting her security back due to the damage that she had caused (over $4,000). On Nov. 30 she texted me and demanded the security deposited back and said she never received the letter. I immediately answered her text and wrote that letter was sent but this is my 2nd notice and that I would also be sending a certified letter to back up the original letter and the text. She is now suing me for triple the security. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and if anyone can sent me, if you have, a copy of PA law regarding legal date of move.
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Re: Returning Keys by Michelle (MD and CA) on May 15, 2018 @11:15 [ Reply ]
Nolo press has helpful books so that next time you can avoid having to pay triple damages for improperly returning the security deposit. Focus on that, rather then one day or rent.
Re: Returning Keys by Anonymous on May 15, 2018 @12:06 [ Reply ]
I would suggest in the future if your claiming such a high amount of damage, to send such notice certified.
It seem you are trying to claim now, a hold over T claim. Possibly getting 1 month additional rent.
Another tip would be in the future, don't respond to text messages. Read them and delete them. Any lease worth having typically states notifications or changes need to be put in writing and mailed to a LL or T. Why would any LL want to cut corners and fall right into the trap that this T set you up for. I think you will lose in court.
Re: Returning Keys by AnonymousFL on May 15, 2018 @17:06 [ Reply ]
I found this for PA:

This does not appear to be an official government site, so you may want to search more; but the informaton it presents seams legitimate.

Looking at section A, if your letter included a written list of damages and it was sent within 30 days of the last day of the lease and you used the forwarding address you provided, you should be fine. It is not important that they received the letter, but that you sent it properly. In fact, if you happen to get it back as undeliverable, do not open it and file it with the rest of their paperwork.

Side note: your ex-tenant cannot request x3 security if you handled things improperly...only x2. They are trying to intimidate you.

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