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Problem tenants - Landlord Forum thread 357409

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Problem tenants by anon (CA) on May 17, 2018 @00:47

I have a rental with 4 tenants equally responsible for the lease. 2 of the tenants are in constant disagreements and they are separately reporting to me how one is hostile to another, how one is displaying signs of violence and issuing threats. There has been reports of one tenant punching another one and also captured on video. While I have not seen the footage, I believe one of them did call the police.

Should I stay out of it and let the police resolve this matter ? Or should I send a notice that both of them are violating the lease (peaceful and quiet enjoyment part) ?
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Re: Problem tenants by Anonymous on May 17, 2018 @17:01 [ Reply ]
I would advise that they both seek restraining orders.

Which ever one bring a court order to you...then you can take action. Until then..stay out of it
Re: Problem tenants by Garry (Iowa) on May 17, 2018 @20:24 [ Reply ]
I agree with the anon. You stay out of the disagreements, until you have concrete proof of who is causing trouble. That proof needs to be either restraining orders, or police reports. Those are official 3rd party documents, that you can use to give either one, or both of them, notice to move.
Re: Problem tenants by LEE (all) on May 19, 2018 @22:16 [ Reply ]
get them out if that is how thet treat there friends what r u left with

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