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Filthy tenant - Landlord Forum thread 357457

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Filthy tenant by Nicole (Ny) on May 20, 2018 @12:09

Our tenant called us down the other day for some pipe issues. When we got down the apartment was filthy. The brand new oven/stove was completely black (inside and out), and 3 of the knobs were missing... There were open food containers, plates, and pots everywhere with old food, and tons of grease in the sink (from what I could see piled underneath stacks of dishes). The floor was sticky.. it was just awful. I would not be surprised if there were some bugs... if not now, there are going to be bugs soon.

I spoke to him about cleaning up and he said he was too tired from working too much. He also brought up needing a dish washer... I am just not willing to spend more on appliances for him when he does not take care of what he has.

The pipe issue ended up being from him smacking his cast iron pots too roughly into the PVC. I also found out that the knobs were missing from oven because they burnt out while he was drying his shoes in the oven...

The other day I ended up having to pick up used hygiene products off the street because he refuses to use the garbage pails and animals rip open his garbage bags, I texted him right after it happened but he didnít come back to pick it up himself.

I know I need to speak with him, but it seems like every time I do he has an excuse. They are also just very awkward conversations. Any advice on how to approach this would be helpful. He does pay monthly, but often late.
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Re: Filthy tenant by anon (CA) on May 20, 2018 @12:20 [ Reply ]
I suggest that you write a short letter pointing out lease violations--if they are--and mail it to him each time there is one problem/violation.
Of course, if you have a month-to-month, the letter would be 30 or 60 days notice--whatever your state requires.
He needs to go away. Your job is to document all problems--like a late rent--with a letter.
Re: Filthy tenant by Garry (Iowa) on May 20, 2018 @12:55 [ Reply ]
When is his lease up? You need to get rid of this guy ASAP, by terminating his lease at the end of it. He will NEVER get any better at cleaning up after himself. There is NO incentive to do so. Your/his place will only get WORSE, the longer he lives there.
As to what to do right now? You can WRITE him a letter stating what you saw in the apartment, and state any specific parts of your lease, and/or any laws in your city/county/state codes, that have to do with cleanliness, and HOPE he changes. Beyond that, there is not much a LL can do to FORCE someone to clean their place up. Trying to evict someone for being "unclean", is extremely hard to do. Too much proof is needed (pics, witnesses, complaining neighbors, city inspectors). Unfortunately , you may just have to "grit" your teeth until he moves.
In your letter, give him 30 days to clean things, and you want back in, to go thru the whole apartment. If things have not changed, tell him you will NOT be renewing his lease. Also mention that his security deposit will go for cleaning and repairing anything in the apt. after he moves out. ACCEPT NO EXCUSES !! There are single people out there that work 60-80 hours per week, have no dishwasher, and STILL keep a clean apt.
If you have a late fee written into your lease, start charging it. In general, some tenants have a "shelf life", and it appears your T may have reached his. He either needs to change, or move.
Re: Filthy tenant by Anonymous on May 20, 2018 @14:02 [ Reply ]
If there is a renew option in your Lease, I would send certified mail - LL offers NOT renew Lease.

Re: Filthy tenant by Bubba on May 21, 2018 @15:37 [ Reply ]
Who approved this applicant for lease?
Re: Filthy tenant by Michelle (CA) on May 22, 2018 @22:51 [ Reply ]
I have a relative under therapy for a disorder that interferes with his ability to be aware of and attend to his surroundings -- kind of like the reverse of OCD. That doesn't help you, but it may be that the tenant is incompetent, not malicious. The potential for a kitchen fire is always my concern with this relative--maybe concentrate on that aspect with your tenant. His actions indicate that he might need to live in supervised housing, but I don't know how to tell someone that. The trash violation sounds like a code violation, but I don't know if it serves you to report your tenant and have him receive a fine! Is it possible that he has an undisclosed disability, along with a vocational counselor who can provide on-site coaching so that he can maintain the residence? This is for Pennsylvania.
Is the tenant a danger to himself or others in the building? I am sure there are other possible explanations for the tenant's behavior, but if a disability is the case, then perhaps some of the references on the lease can help so that you and the tenant agree to terminate the lease.
Re: Filthy tenant by Nicole (Ny) on May 24, 2018 @13:06 [ Reply ]
Thanks everyone for the replies.

Itís a month by month lease so fortunately I am not trapped in for an extended amount of time anymore.

Hm, I donít really believe itís mental illness because he is holding down a state job for many years now (although I can be wrong). I know I need to be more professional and firm about it, itís just hard to be that way.

Thank you everyone for the input.

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