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T has firearms - Landlord Forum thread 357461

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T has firearms by Anonymous (VA) on May 20, 2018 @13:41

While LL screen T Candidates, should and can LL ask a question - if Candidates have firearms? What can LL do with T who has firearms?

I did not notice my Tenant has firearms while screening T candidates until 8 months after T moves in and until couple of violation notices sent to T.
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Re: T has firearms by Garry (Iowa) on May 20, 2018 @14:31 [ Reply ]
CAN you ask about firearms----YES. SHOULD you ask about firearms----NO. Unless they are violating a city, county, state, or national law of some sort, leave your Ts alone. Were they causing any problems involving firearms, in the 8 months that you DID NOT KNOW about the firearms? How do you know some of your other tenants DON'T have firearms? Besides, if you ask that question on your app. and the prospective T feels you are infringing on their RIGHT TO BARE ARMS, either you may be losing an otherwise great T, or they will lie on the app, and you would have no way to prove differently, unless you do an inspection after they move in, and accidentally find one (like you just did). Would you not rent to hunters, police officers, security guards, or even (nowadays) some teachers who own weapons? All of them would probably be honest with you on your app, but you are willing to DENY them, just because YOU don't like guns???
Re: T has firearms by Anonymous (VA-Virginia) on May 20, 2018 @14:49 [ Reply ]
My Tenant's job is not related any type of jobs which requires to carry firearms.

The matter is, after I sent couple of VIOLATION notice to my Tenant, my Tenant becomes very defensive. I just have concerns about my safety even when I need to enter for repair and maintenance.

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