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How perform Rental Inspection - Landlord Forum thread 357462

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How perform Rental Inspection by Anonymous (VA) on May 20, 2018 @13:54

Should Professional Home Inspector be hired to perform this task? Or LL can just do visual house inspection?

If LL does this, what if Tenant argue on the items that LL thinks Tenant should do but Tenant disagree?
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Re: How perform Rental Inspection by Garry (Iowa) on May 20, 2018 @15:11 [ Reply ]
If you cannot go thru your property to find problems, or potential ones, then you should not be a LL. You should not be pawning off your responsibilities as a LL, onto your Ts. Your Ts make you money by paying you rent. If they have to fix your place up for you too, at their expense, they are going to want you to pay them, reduce their rent, or they will just move, because you are expecting too much of them for what they get for living there.
Re: How perform Rental Inspection by Anonymous on May 20, 2018 @15:50 [ Reply ]
Can Landlord take photos while inspecting the house?
Re: How perform Rental Inspection by Anonymous on May 20, 2018 @16:02 [ Reply ]
When Alerts without consent are installed, should Landlord wait until Tenant move out to take actions such as charge Security
(1) for the costs of remove alters without consent, or ask Tenant to remove alters immediately with a given date?

(2) for the costs of maintenance. Tenant cancels Professional maintenance services without consent such as HVAC. This service is "Lease said". Or ask Tenant provide a receipt of this maintenance completed seasonal and in time matter?

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