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is T responsible for preventative maintenance? - Landlord Forum thread 357463

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is T responsible for preventative maintenance? by Anonymous (VA-Virginia) on May 20, 2018 @13:59

T did not do preventative maintenance causing leaking. For example,
(1) bath spout was not re-caulking on time. Tenant filled up the water in Tub or kids playing water spreading water into Tub spout, constantly adding water to Ceiling of Power room under this bathroom. Finally, Ceiling Leaking happened
(2) Similar idea: This is SFH house. Is tenant responsible for Preventative Roof maintenance? Usually Preventative roof maintenance including cleaning, inspection, Gutter, roof vent pipes, etc.
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Re: is T responsible for preventative maintenance? by Garry (Iowa) on May 20, 2018 @14:54 [ Reply ]
No. Your wrong. YOU (the LL) did not do the preventative maintenance. Unless specifically written into your lease, the LL is responsible for checking and repairing all parts of a home. It's YOUR property, and YOU need to protect it. A tenants responsibility is to call the LL about problems with YOUR house, and YOU come to repair them. And even if it's in your lease, where is the incentive to find and repair things? It's going to cost them time and money to fix YOUR house. A T could live there for years, not fixing anything, and not telling you about any problems. Then move out, and leave YOU with a huge amount of repair costs.
Re: is T responsible for preventative maintenance? by Anonymous on May 20, 2018 @15:04 [ Reply ]

When Tenant removes the existing mulch and do not add new mulch back, then who is responsible to the cost of adding mulch back?
Re: is T responsible for preventative maintenance? by Anonymous on May 20, 2018 @15:11 [ Reply ]
Bathroom is very personal and privacy place.
Caulking bath is usually lower than $100.

Lease says the cost of lower or equal $175 is Tenant's responsibility.

Isn't Tenant should dry bath after each use and caulking regularly?

My Tenant is the first one who uses the newly renovated bathrooms. Now, many orange spots and cracking grouts. I would use Security Deposit to restore the house.

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