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Trampoline - Landlord Forum thread 357493

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Trampoline by Rob (Ohio) on May 21, 2018 @15:07

My tenant added a trampoline to the back yard of their rental. Should I be concerned? If yes, do I make them have an addendum to their rental insurance policy or mine?
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Re: Trampoline by Anonymous on May 21, 2018 @15:10 [ Reply ]
Make them remove it or move out.
Re: Trampoline by Garry (Iowa) on May 21, 2018 @20:58 [ Reply ]
By the end of this week, they need to have your name added to their rental insurance policy. It needs to be for at lease 1 million $, preferably 2 mil. and the word "trampoline" needs to be in the policy. Talk to your ins. agent, and he/she can give you advice on this. Also, NO friends, relatives, or neighborhood kids should be jumping on it, unless and until their parents have sighed some sort of release, releasing you, the LL, from all responsibility for injuries.
Re: Trampoline by Anonymous on May 22, 2018 @12:58 [ Reply ]
There are many, many injuries pertaining to trampolines. Liability.....
I agree to have them remove it.
Re: Trampoline by Michelle (CA) on May 22, 2018 @22:21 [ Reply ]
My lease says that any increases to my insurance due to tenant activity gets passed to tenant. That's not enough to protect me, but it's a start at prodding the tenant to take the liability by adding a rider to tenant's insurance.
Re: Trampoline by MrDan on May 29, 2018 @00:26 [ Reply ]
Hopefully your lease provides for prohibiting trampolines and such, that may cause the landlord to loose insurance coverage. Many Insurance companies do not cover trampolines.

If you do not, you may try issuing a notice anyway to remove the trampoline and see if your tenant complies. If the tenant refuses and you have no lease clause to fall back on, then you are out of luck until renewal time.

Requiring the tenant to provide insurance coverage and prohibiting children from playing on the trampoline until coverage is provided may result in a Fair Housing discrimination charge. A landlord can not have requirements that single out children. Requiring insurance at this point might also lead to a charge of discrimination due to familiar status, so be careful what and how you say it or proceed.

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