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Landlord is selling - Landlord Forum thread 357508

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Landlord is selling by Anonymous on May 21, 2018 @18:45

I am hoping for some advice. My husband and I are current renters and the house that we are renting is up for sale. The owner of the house is confirming showings for the house and then letting us know when they are. The showings are 24 hours in advance but shouldn't he have to be present to be able to say other people can come into the home? Its not a repair or maintenance. Its very frustrating when we have to work and we have a dog that will bite if an intruder comes into the home so we have to find somewhere for him to go on 24 hrs notice.
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Re: Landlord is selling by Garry (Iowa) on May 21, 2018 @20:17 [ Reply ]
If the owner is trying to sell your place on his own, he has the right to give you a 24 hr notice to show it. However, the owner MUST be present at the time of the showing. You do NOT have to let any strangers inside your home, or even on your property, without the owner being there. The owner should accompany the perspective buyers through out your home at all times. You also have the right to say no to certain times of the day or week, if it is not conveinient for you. You should inform the owner, in writing, of what dates and times the showings would work for you. Then he can coordinate that with a perspective buyer. That same letter should also say that you have a dog that bites, and is at home during the day. If you need to make arrangements for the dog to not be there for a daytime showing, you will need 48-72 hrs notice, Otherwise, the LL can only show the place when you are at home, and you can just take the dog for a 30 minute walk, or put the dog in your car for 30 minutes. You need to work with the owner on this, but he also needs to work with you.

On another subject, if the owner sells the place, the new buyers must honor the terms of your lease, until it ends. So, if you would still have several months left on your lease when the new owners take possession, and they want to move in soon, you can stay in your place til the end of the lease, unless you strike a written agreement for them to "buy you out" of the remaining months. They cannot raise your rent til the end of the lease, either. Also, your security deposit should be transferred to the new owner at time of sale.
Re: Landlord is selling by z on May 24, 2018 @13:26 [ Reply ]
Set up, and hide a room camera to see if anyone is messing with your personal stuff. Could end up being very profitable to you, should something come up missing.

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