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Excellent tenant gives me 1 week notice. - Landlord Forum thread 357541

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Excellent tenant gives me 1 week notice. by Anonymous on May 23, 2018 @22:28

MTM. 8 yrs. They're a young couple, just had a child and the deal for their house means taking possession 6/1. At least that's what they say. The appliances, blinds etc have aged out. Tile throughout. Paint of course.
He's been wonderful, low maintenance, fixes things himself etc., just a model tenant. Until now, but I really am loathe to punish him for this. He knows I am unhappy, and I have not shared my misgivings about being unhappy.
I am especially looking for Garry's input. The sec. deposit is $500. He has said he is open to negotiate additional monies.
What would you consider fair?
Remmoval and disposal of trash if they leave any, and you know they usually leave crap. Cleaning etc.?
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Re: Excellent tenant gives me 1 week notice. by Anonymous on May 23, 2018 @23:31 [ Reply ]
Eight years. Model tenant. Rent on time. Tightens the cabinet latches and door knobs. If they were paying anything close to market rent, say thank you and buy them a gift for their new child

Embrace the good karma, goes around,.......maybe they know someone who wants your place after you done THE EIGHT YEARS OF DEFERRED MAINTAINANCE
Re: Excellent tenant gives me 1 week notice. by Garry (Iowa) on May 24, 2018 @00:49 [ Reply ]
Anon, before I respond, I'm curious as to why you are specifically asking for my input, when there are several other landlords on this forum that are just as qualified as I am(if not more), regarding various landlord/tenant issues? The only difference may be, is that I respond more frequently than some of the other LLs do. Garry
Re: Excellent tenant gives me 1 week notice. by Anonymous on May 24, 2018 @07:07 [ Reply ]
What does you lease say about improper notice to vacate? Go from there.
Re: Excellent tenant gives me 1 week notice. by Garry (Iowa) on May 24, 2018 @10:31 [ Reply ]
Anon, I read your answer to me, and I thank you for the compliment. I suspect, however, you already knew how I would respond, because we both are business oriented, but compassionate, landlords. From a business/legal standpoint, yes, you could insist they give you a written 30 day notice that they will be moving, you expect June's rent to be paid to you, or you will start legal proceedings against them if they don't. But that's not me, OR you. This young couple has given you 8 years of not only their hard-earned rent money, but their donated time in keeping your/their place in good repair. I TOTALLY agree with you, that they are MODEL tenants. But, as time marches on, all things must come to pass.

Here's my suggestions: Talk to them, and tell them they can have the whole first week of June, free, to take their time moving out, and cleaning up your place. If, by June 9 they are all out, and the place is clean, with no garbage left, you will return their full deposit to them that day. (you will need to meet them at the apartment to verify this). If the place is empty and clean, CONGRATULATE them on being new parents and new homeowners. Then hand them their $500 deposit back, and you get their keys.

That's the good scenario. As we all know,"things" can unexpectively happen. If there have been set-backs for the young couple the first week, all you can do is deal with them on June 9. If the move out and cleanup is "mostly' completed, but not done by June 9, start charging them XX amount per day, from June 10, to be taken out of their deposit, til they are out. This gives them an incentive to "get moving", and also protects you from losing all rent for June. If, by June 9, "nothing" has been done as far as moving and cleaning, then, by all means, consider giving them a 3 day notice to pay June's rent, or quit. BUT, if they are the "model" tenants you describe, they will be in contact with you LONG before June 9, about any problems they are having. PS-----Anon, I hope this is the kind of answer you expected from me. Garry
Re: Excellent tenant gives me 1 week notice. by Anonymous on May 30, 2018 @13:00 [ Reply ]
you either follow rules or not. if they were so great they would have given you proper notice
Re: Excellent tenant gives me 1 week notice. by Anonymous on May 31, 2018 @03:19 [ Reply ]
Has the tenant put into writing a 30-day notice?

Similar situation here.
My state forbids collecting rent from the (model) tenant once the new tenant moves in. Work with the model tenant to get the place ready for the next tenant. The security deposit is not rent. My tenant paid the rent for the month she was taking possession of her new home, knowing that there could be delays, and confident that I would return rent should I have a new tenant.

I wonder if it would make sense to include a form for tenants that has a 30-day notice in it, so that the tenant can turn to using that, rather than creating a one-week form.

The tenant had an escrow that took more than a week.
On the way out, my tenant mentioned that she had forgotten to let me know that there are termites.

It's best to replace blinds and appliances as they age, so that there will be less to do between tenants. So, I guess my situation was not so similar. Next time around, I will raise the rent a bit each year, so that the tenant will complain about things like termites (I hope!)
Re: Excellent tenant gives me 1 week notice. by Michelle (CA) on May 31, 2018 @04:06 [ Reply ]
I don't know if this has been discussed before, but the tax code would count as personal use the days that you rent that are below market value. The IRS limits the number of personal use days you can take on a rental. I recall that the late once described a tax case in which the IRS determined that a taxpayer had to re-classify his rental because he was charging below what the IRS had determined was market value.

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