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Tennant brought 3 living guests - Landlord Forum thread 357561

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Tennant brought 3 living guests by Sachin (MN) on May 24, 2018 @14:39

The tenant has brought in a friend to live in the leased property who will be staying as a guest. The friend _________________ has 2 children who also will be living with them in the property for three months. In addition to the 3 new long term guests, the guest also has brought 2 cats.
The tenant has agreed to pay $200 deposit per cat. For this $400 has been paid.
The owner (Me) has let the guests stay in the month of May as he felt they were in need of help and the tenant was helping them out in a tough situation. The Leaser now has told the owner that they will stay additionally for 3 more months June, July, and August. In order to make this work for tenant, the tenant has agreed to pay an additional $240 per month rent for those months that the long-term guest will be staying.
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Re: Tennant brought 3 living guests by zip on May 24, 2018 @15:24 [ Reply ]
Is there a question in that wall of words?
Re: Tennant brought 3 living guests by Garry (Iowa) on May 24, 2018 @15:30 [ Reply ]
Is there a question here? So far, I see none. You, the owner, have agreed to additional rent for the additional tenants, and for an extra deposit for the cats. I see no problem with that, unless YOU are breaking some of your state's/city's occupancy laws, by allowing too many people to live in a too small of a unit. If the extra people start causing problems or damage, you have the extra rent to compensate you for that.
Re: Tennant brought 3 living guests by Anon (NY) on May 25, 2018 @07:06 [ Reply ]
By agreeing to accept the additional rent you have agreed to accept the additional tenants. Written or not, there is a contract here. If you are questioning how to get rid of them, it seems you have closed off that option in the near-term.
Re: Tennant brought 3 living guests by Anonymous on May 31, 2018 @09:03 [ Reply ]
to the original poster -- please learn the proper grammar and spelling of terms as applicable to the basics of our industry

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