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Private Parking - Landlord Forum thread 357596

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Private Parking by Jason (PA) on May 27, 2018 @23:33

I currently have a very small driveway that I permit two of my tenants to park in. There have been two incidents in the last week of my other tenants (who does NOT have off street parking privileges) parking their vehicle in the driveway.

Looking to put up a sign that says "TENANT PARKING ONLY. ALL OTHERS WILL BE TOWED AT OWNERS' EXPENSE" - thoughts on this subject?
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Re: Private Parking by Garry (Iowa) on May 28, 2018 @07:54 [ Reply ]
Are you sure that it was your actual tenant that parked their car there, and not one of their guests, who probably don't know about who and who can't park there? Before you put up any signs, you need to inform ALL your tenants, in writing, about who can park there, and who can't. Also in that letter, tell your Ts to always let any of their guests who come over, know about your rules.

And take another look at your wording on the sign you want to put up. To me, it says ALL TENANTS may park there, just not anyone else. So any guests could get towed, but not the tenants who you say do not have the parking privilege, as they are TENANTS, also. That is why you MUST write letters to ALL Ts, informing them of your rules. Then, after they have gotten your rules, if you are still finding violations, then put up a sign. However, I have no idea what a sign would say, that shows certain Ts can park there, and certain ones can't. I guess, if all your Ts are informed in writing, once a violation happens, you could just automatically tow their car. They WILL get the message, once they find that there car is not there, and they have to pay a fee to get it. Just be SURE the car belongs to the actual T that cannot park there.
Re: Private Parking by Nicole (PA) on May 28, 2018 @09:47 [ Reply ]
I would get more specific such as telling the ones who aren't to park there that they are not and they will be towed. Do not assume they will think that sign means them.

I'd change the sign to "permit parking only". I'd issue a permit on a fluorescent 8 x 11 piece of paper to lay on the dash board of the vehicles that are permitted. No questions then - no permit on dash... tow. On the back of the permit indicate make, model & color of the vehicle, sign your name and date. That way, nonpermitted parkers won't make their own up.
Re: Private Parking by MrDan on May 28, 2018 @23:42 [ Reply ]
Be sure you are in compliance with local and state laws as to towing and signage.

212.115. Posting of private parking lots.

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