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Eviction question - Landlord Forum thread 357652

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Eviction question by Lora (Pennsylvania) on June 2, 2018 @21:46

Tenant began renting an renovated garage and bathroom ( no cooking facility) attached to the main house, which is vacant, when owner moved out of the house. T had no hot water, texted owner about it in the late morning. I had told her that I don't get cell service at work and within 2 hours of trying to contact 'll she broke a window to get into the house to investigate - claimed it was a tripped circuit. I wait until there in person to address break-in with her('ll moved 300 miles away). get there and see T moved outdoor chairs which were stored in the house to the front yard for her use. T also painted the exterior front door and window trim, trAnsplanted a small tree from front yard to the backyard, removed (dug up) some concrete edging pavers, and changed the locks without notifying me, and has a pet bird despite no pets specified in lease. Do I have ground to evict?

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Re: Eviction question by Anonymous on June 3, 2018 @00:34 [ Reply ]
Re: Eviction question by Anonymous on June 3, 2018 @08:41 [ Reply ]
What is written in your lease on this issue?
Based on my lease, I would send them notice of violations and they would be given time to return property to same condition as before they rented it.
Perhaps you need to get a property manager to handle the renter issue. If you cannot be more available to check the property.
Re: Eviction question by Nicole (PA) on June 3, 2018 @09:29 [ Reply ]
did you rent her a garage or did you rent her a residential unit?

as for the break in, why didn't you call the police ... that's burglary

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