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Termination - Landlord Forum thread 357671

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Termination by Carolyn (CA) on June 5, 2018 @21:18

I will be terminating a month to month rental agreement after seven months of occupation. If the tenant has occupied the premises for less than one year I only need to give a 30 day notice. I will be giving this tenant a 45 day notice. I will speak with the tenant about the termination, email a letter and also send a certified letter.
When does the 45 days start? Does the three day rule for serving the notice apply to this?

Thank you
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Re: Termination by anon (cal) on June 5, 2018 @21:48 [ Reply ]
I suggest only a 30 day notice to terminate in CA. You do NOT have to start it at the beginning of the month in CA.
EMail is worth NADA in CA. Send a letter and also send the same letter in a signature request format letter.
Hopefully you have told them the problems over the 7 months.
Re: Termination by NTT on June 5, 2018 @21:55 [ Reply ]
Re: Termination by Garry (Iowa) on June 6, 2018 @07:40 [ Reply ]
When states talk about 30 and 60 day notices, those are the MINIMUM amounts of time the tenant must have, between the notification date, and the move-out date. You should ALWAYS put in your letter, an actual date the T must be out by. So, as an example, you could send a letter, certified, and by regular mail, today, June 6, that the T needs to be out on July 31. If the T gets either the cert or regular mailed letter this Friday, June 8, that would be considered a 53 day notice, to be out by July 31. (22 days left in June, plus 31 days in July. )

If your state has a "3 day rule" for serving notices, that could be like we have in Iowa, where we MUST send a cert letter out, and wait 4 days for "mailing time". Then, if the T NEVER picks up that cert letter, by law, they are considered "served", on the 5th day, and time frame starts at that point. You are doing things right, by giving the T extra "notice" time----you will look good in front of a judge that way.

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