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Extant tenants want to move to our other unit - Landlord Forum thread 357675

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Extant tenants want to move to our other unit by Anonymous on June 6, 2018 @00:30

I need a way to apply the 30 day rule to them. We own a few multi-units contiguous to each other. So every time we have an opening, these tenants think they want it.
Back story. Good tenant basically, lots of complaints about the yard service that I can blow off, since the yard service is good and has done my work for 20 years. They saw the unit they're in now, loved it, qualified and moved in. Then they brought their boat. Single carport. Now the boat lives in the carport and their 2 trucks park on the street, while his work truck parks behind the boat.
Not my problem. They saw it, they rented it.
So now I have a unit coming up for rent and they think they want it. I am not having it. How exactly can I apply their having to give a 30 day notice to wanting to move?
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Re: Extant tenants want to move to our other unit by Garry (Iowa) on June 6, 2018 @07:56 [ Reply ]
First, this does not help the LL out money-wise. By "sliding" a T from 1 unit, to another, you STILL have a vacancy, just not in the same unit. I have done this before. Tell the T they must pay you for a double rent amount for 1 month, for the unit they are moving into. You will consider that extra rent as their 30 day notice they are moving. Then you can start advertising the unit they vacated, and still have rent for both units for 30 days. When you tell Ts this, it stops the movement between units real quick. (I hope you can understand this, as it's a little complicated to explain)
Re: Extant tenants want to move to our other unit by Anonymous on June 6, 2018 @14:51 [ Reply ]
real question is the rent higher in the new unit and how much turnover work will the old unit take / need.

unfortunately sometimes even good tenants want to upgrade into clean paint and flooring. especially ones with kids and pets that have been there for a while.

I love the 2 stories about: 1. no kid or pet ever improved a property and 2. the reason the tenant is complaining about the carpeting needing to be replaced, because they haven't vaccumed it since the day they moved in.

i'd do the slide over at market rent and deposit for the new unit,....maybe give em a half month concession on new rent rate as a good-guy known tenant. Deduct from their old / original security as necessary for excessive w&t and damage on old unit.

keep in mind,....ya know what ya got with this existing tenant.

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