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Tenancy length penalties on month-to-month term? - Landlord Forum thread 357683

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Tenancy length penalties on month-to-month term? by Carissa (Washington) on June 7, 2018 @02:25

I'd like to know if minimum tenancy length penalties on month-to-month contracts are legally valid in the city of Bellingham, WA or Watcom County? I've tried to look for Bellingham and Watcom County specific landlord-tenant laws but cannot find anything regarding this issue.

I know in Seattle, WA (SMC 7.24.030) and Oregon State (2017 ORS 90.300) a landlord cannot impose penalties or security deposit deductions on tenants who fail to maintain a tenancy for a minimum number of months in a month-to-month contract.
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Re: Tenancy length penalties on month-to-month term? by lamac66 (ga) on June 7, 2018 @08:30 [ Reply ]
So, are you saying that if a tenant doesnt give proper notice you can not deduct from deposit?
Re: Tenancy length penalties on month-to-month term? by Anonymous on June 11, 2018 @16:27 [ Reply ]
If you intend the tenant to be there for 6 months...then sign a 6 month lease.

State law in Washington applies... if you look to the right side of this can look up Washington state landlord tenant law by clicking on the link

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