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Dog Poop - Landlord Forum thread 357708

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Dog Poop by Anonymous (Iowa) on June 11, 2018 @17:26

I am a new landlord in Iowa, I have a 4plex, 3 out of 4 tenants have dogs. There is a poop dog everywhere but all of them said they clean after the dog. What should I do if I don't know who is lying who is telling me the truth? Should I change pet policy? Is that allowed?
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Re: Dog Poop by Anonymous on June 11, 2018 @19:08 [ Reply ]
Do not renew lease at end of lease to people with pets. If someone requires a pet. Charge a additional monthly fee for the pet, to help offset the cost to clean up mess.
Pets add no value to the property at all. Usually more damage and clean up for the LL..
Re: Dog Poop by Anonymous on June 11, 2018 @23:31 [ Reply ]
In doing research I found that apartment buildings in my area require a DNA test from all dogs. I just googled the cost and it might be $60.00. Then in the lease they charge a $500 fine to the owner. While it sounds absurd with that price tag as a consequence I would suspect they have little or no problem.
Re: Dog Poop by Garry (Iowa) on June 15, 2018 @17:44 [ Reply ]
For now, it may be easier for you to go out and clean up all the poop yourself. Then ask 1 of your tenants if they are willing to go out twice a week to clean it ALL up, for a $40 rent reduction per month. Then as each person's lease come due, raise the rent $30 per month on the 3 tenants who have pets, and $10 on the one who has no dogs.
Re: Dog Poop by MrDan on June 18, 2018 @00:37 [ Reply ]
You might be able to change your pet policy at renewal time if every one is on a lease. If they are month to month, a 30 notice most likely will suffice.

Do not offer any tenant a reduction in rent to clean up the mess. That can open you up to a Fair Housing discrimination complaint. Besides what will you do if the tenant fails to clean up? The tenant may also be considered an employee and subject you to liability if they get hurt.

Raising the rent $30 per month may exceed what the market allows, incurring a vacancy which would cost you more than the extra money would cover.

Your best response is to inform every tenant, including the non pet owner, that you will be enforcing the proper and prompt removal of pet waste by pet owners. That those who fail to follow up by cleaning up after their pets will have the right to keep their pets rescinded. At the end of each tenants lease, you should have all pet owners sign a comprehensive pet agreement in order to continue to have a pet. Mean while hire someone to clean up the property, make surprise visits to catch owners who fail to have their pets on a lease and not cleaning up after them. Send those who fail to clean up violation notices. Those who receive X number of notices should not have their lease renewed. Just be aware that a vacancy will mean loss of rental income and cost of turn over to get the rental ready. At that point, you may be able to increase rent to or near market value.

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