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Renting to College Students - Landlord Forum thread 357724

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Renting to College Students by Anonymous (Ohio) on June 12, 2018 @12:23

I have had several apply on my duplex vacancy that were college students say around 20 who are getting their parents to cosign. As a matter of fact it is normally two students who want to apply at a time. My gut tells me this is very risky in a side to side duplex situation.

Have any of you had any success renting to college students or is it one big noisy party all the time?
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Re: Renting to College Students by Drea (IN) on June 13, 2018 @23:17 [ Reply ]
Each student who signes the lease is 100% responsible. Have parents sign, they are all 100% responsible for the full adherence to the lease. Do you have a LPA lease?
Re: Renting to College Students by two cents on June 14, 2018 @11:48 [ Reply ]
Be aware that most college students of this age, no matter the gender, are pigs.

Most of them don't know the basics of how to clean, how to adjust the flapper so the toilet doesn't run, etc.

My suggestion is to get as much money as possible for the security deposit, make the tenants jointly and individually responsible (I think that's the term), and do inspections (legally with advance notice, of course).

You may find a gem in all of this, but for the most part, you won't.

Definitely have the parents co-sign AND have the parents fill out an application as well and check their credit, too.

You might want to have some house rules about partying hours, as this can get loud and noisy for neighbors, plus in my own experience, the "duplex across the street rented to college kids" ended up having kids partying on the roof! No bueno!
Re: Renting to College Students by Stephen (Washington (WA)) on June 14, 2018 @13:54 [ Reply ]
Maybe I've just been lucky, but I've rented to college students. Perhaps there is a difference between single-family res and a multi, such as your duplex. I'm sure I've mentioned during screening/showing the unit about noise and getting along with the neighbors. Two stories:
1. duplex. single college student on one side and working couple on the other. Heard from the working couple that their neighbor came home one night, turned on his electric guitar, and started practicing without using earphones (in lieu of the speaker). Working couple clearly notified him that it wasn't acceptable. Next day working couple finds a hand-written apology note on their door. No further problems. I was never involved.
2. different duplex. 2 college guys. One is graduating and moving to get a job. He informs me that the other guy is also moving because he plays in a band and is looking for a 'band house' to rent with his buddies. I commented that what I have isn't a band house and the graduating guy says, "yes, that's why I liked it." Not sure how I had communicated that to them but it worked.

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