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Carpet Charges - Landlord Forum thread 357752

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Carpet Charges by Leasa (GA) on June 15, 2018 @11:16

Our cats DID destroy the carpet in the rental we just moved out of after leasing for three years. I'm having trouble finding out exactly how old the carpet was when we moved in, but I know it was definitely not new and already in bad shape. (I think the previous owners had pets as well and that's why there were specific areas the cats liked to scratch.)

The complex IS pro-rating the replacement, but they are pro-rating it based on the time we were in the apartment, not the age of the carpet. Can they do this and is there a way to fight the amount? I don't mind paying for damages but I know it was old when we moved in and that the life expectancy as stated in our move out papers is five years.
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Re: Carpet Charges by Garry (Iowa) on June 15, 2018 @17:26 [ Reply ]
You accepted the carpet in "as is" condition, when you moved in 3 years ago. Your cats took it downhill from there. Since you were bringing in pets, you should have tried to document the age and condition of the carpet when you moved in. Since you did not do that, it's your word against the management/owners as to the age and condition back then. You have moved out, they have your deposit, and you're getting lucky they are willing to pro-rate for the replacement of the carpet. Most landlords won't do that. They will keep your entire deposit, and force you to take them to court, and prove your case. Best thing for you, moving forward, is accept responsibility for your pet's damage, learn from this experience, and be sure your cats are litter-trained, and declawed. Otherwise, this whole scenario may repeat itself a few years from now.
Re: Carpet Charges by LL (CA) on June 17, 2018 @11:47 [ Reply ]
This is why I always have a move-in checklist and ask tenants to take photos as well as the photos I have on file. Lesson learned for you.

Apartments are notorious for this kind of charge but your cats causing further damage doesn't help. Since you have no proof of the condition of the carpet when you moved in as compared to what it is today, your only recourse is to wait for the charge from the management company, dispute it if you think it is too much, and if you get no satisfaction from that, you can take them to small claims court or arbitration to have a third party review your case.

Good luck.

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