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Roommate moved in BF and dog - can she be evicted? - Landlord Forum thread 357758

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Roommate moved in BF and dog - can she be evicted? by Anonymous (CO) on June 16, 2018 @17:21

I moved out of my house three months ago - April 1. Four months prior, my former roommate had moved in her boyfriend "for two weeks" while he tried to locate a sober living facility. Against my better judgement, I renewed my lease with former roommate for 1 year on March 1. The bf was still not on the lease, but I had more promises about him moving out.
One month after we renewed our lease, former roommate brought home a dog without telling anyone else her plans - we are not allowed pets on the property. That was the last straw - she treated our lease like a suggestion, not a legally binding document.
I have been trying to trade places on the lease with her boyfriend for three months now. He moved to CO from out of state and has no CO addresses other than our former shared address - he has used it to receive mail, and it is his official address on file at his job. He has to apply to be a tenant just like anyone else - but obviously, he's going to have a hard time explaining where he has been living for the last seven months.
Q1: If you were our landlord, would you evict former roommate for these violations? The boyfriend is also a cig smoker, which is forbidden in the lease.
Q2: I am currently on two leases. What kind of legal repercussions should I expect if FR and BF get evicted? Our property manager knows that I moved out and has been very kind to me throughout this process. I really regret not just telling her the whole truth about the situation.
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Re: Roommate moved in BF and dog - can she be evicted? by Anonymous on June 17, 2018 @14:18 [ Reply ]
Unless you have some unusual situation, your lease will be a joint lease. That means that everyone on the lease is responsible for everything. It also means that a landlord cannot evict one person; they must evict the entire household if it comes to it (although the landlord has the option to create a new agreement as well).

If it was me, I would not put up with these shenanigans. I would send a notice to the household (that's everyone) that the dog and non-approved person must vacate or be evicted...and then if it doesn't happen, I would start the eviction.

If your landlord is being nice, they are either inexperienced or something is off with the lease. This situation is one that can blow up in a landlords face pretty easily costing a lot of money and frustration...which is why I would take a tough action immediately.

Keep in mind that you did not mention the state you are in. Different states do some things differently when it comes to the notice, eviction process, etc...
Re: Roommate moved in BF and dog - can she be evicted? by lamac66 (ga) on June 19, 2018 @07:38 [ Reply ]
Give 3 day notice to cure problem and file if they don't correct issues. Simple.

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